Press Release

World’s First PMOLED TDDI IC Revolutionises Smart Home Appliance Manufacturing with Enhanced “Touch + Display” User Experience

(HONG KONG, 10 February 2021) Solomon Systech Limited (“Solomon Systech”, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Solomon Systech (International) Limited) recently launched production of the SSD7317, the world’s first Touch and Display Driver Integration (“TDDI”) IC for targeted use in smart home products. This innovative breakthrough is now poised to take the product user experience to new heights.

The SSD7317 integrates touch and display microelectronics into a chip for use on PMOLED (Passive Matrix OLED) panels that can be widely adopted in an array of smart applications such as smart home appliances, wearable items, and healthcare devices.

Award-winning Chip Delivers Breakthrough Features for Broad Applications
This award-winning chip is taking the industry by storm, transforming traditional PMOLED displays into “touch + display” panels without the need for modifications of the existing display module structure. The pursuit of product versatility and lightweight design by the users in modern life gave rise to the aforesaid innovation which resulted in a number of the challenges that brand manufacturers face. The result is better display quality, enhanced touch performance, touch detection and gesture identification together with an ultra-slim, narrow bezel design and much more.

Enhanced Smart Home Appliance User Experience
The smart thermostatic electric kettle is just one of the latest smart home appliances that has adopted advanced SSD7317 technology. With it users can select five levels of water temperature and various types of boiling programmes with ease via a thumb-sized slide and long-tap OLED screen that clearly displays water temperature changes in real-time, which enhances the user experience and satisfies the needs of modern home living.

Technology Advantages Empower Innovators and Brand Manufacturers with Unlimited Possibilities
Hidden behind the sophisticated screen display are the SSD7317’s unique high-tech features:
• Touch detection enabled on the existing PMOLED display module structure
• Improved display quality and touch performance: Enhanced light transmission plus quiet operation and use with wet hands
• Development cycle: Shortens hardware development time and eases the effort for touch-display systems
• Mechanical advantages: Ultra-slim form with narrow bezel design
• Cost advantage: Reduces total manufacturing time and cost with thinner design that enhances the end-product integration yield rate
• Ultra-low power consumption: Saves power for extended battery life

Unleashing Market Potential
According to Mr. Ringo Lau, Product Marketing Director of Solomon Systech Limited, said, “We are working hard to empower brand manufacturers with a host of product advantages to dramatically enhance the end-user experience through our development of the world’s first, next-generation ‘touch + display’ technology. Our tireless pursuit of excellence and innovation in the design and creation of the SSD7317 now allows for easy application in a wide range of smart devices and products. As a pioneer and a market leader of PMOLED display driver ICs, Solomon Systech will continue to drive innovation. We are confident that our cutting-edge PMOLED technology will set the standard for the industry and unleash a bright new era of IoT.”