Provide the ultimate silicon solution for every display system

Quality and Environmental Policy

Solomon Systech has committed to achieve best in class quality with continual improvement in order to:

  • enhance customer satisfaction;
  • provide benefits to interested parties and the environment; 
  • fulfil applicable statutory / regulatory requirements and compliance obligations; and
  • protect the environment by restricting the use of hazardous substances in products and utilizing natural resources prudently and rationally.

Scope of Quality and Environmental Management System

Design, development and sales of semiconductor integrated circuit products and systems.

The 5 ‘I’s – Our Foundation, Our Future

  1. Industry Talents – Our most important asset
  2. Innovation – Put us at the forefront of the industry
  3. Institutionalization – Structure our “work” for persistent growth
  4. International Partnership – Commercialize our technology in global market
  5. Integrity – Build us a reserve of trust and goodwill

Building on our foundation, and our experience and expertise in the display industry, we extend our capability technologically from display ICs to system ICs and strategically from component sales to solution-based business, to cover a bigger market and create more opportunities as we are determined to bring added values to customers and long term benefits to stakeholders.