Press Release

True Color OLED Driver For Handheld Devices with High Resolution, Fast Response Display

Single Chip 132 x 132 262K Color OLED Driver IC with Integrated Controller and built-in DC-DC voltage converter for Cellular Phone and Mobile Applications

(Hong Kong – 19 July, 2005) – In response to greater demand for higher resolution OLED displays, Solomon Systech proudly presents the SSD1339; a single chip driver IC with controller for the color passive common cathode type OLED/PLED panel. It supports panel resolution up to 132RGBx132.


The driver reveals realistic color of images, by providing 262K true color. In order to achieve such high color resolution, the MCU communication data width is increased to 18-bit, ensuring both fast and smooth video display performance.


Designed as a highly integrated device, the SSD1339 contains an on-chip oscillator, built-in DC/DC booster, an embedded SRAM display buffer and flexible MCU interfaces. It also provides a programmable frame rate, multiplexing ratio and horizontal/vertical scrolling.


To facilitate drawing of diagrams and pictures the SSD1339 also offers graphic acceleration command sets, such as line/rectangle/circle drawing, copy and paste image and a dimming/clearing window.


The SSD1339 is further enhanced with the Solomon Systech proprietary driving scheme, resulting in lower power consumption.


Combined with its compact design the SSD1339 is the best OLED display driver candidate for handheld applications, including mobile phones, MP3 players, portable multimedia players and digital cameras.


The SSD1339 sample is available now in COG and COF packages.


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