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To Turn on the Beauty of OLED

The World’s 1st Single Chip OLED Driver IC with Integrated Controller for Cellular Phone Application

Solomon Systech Limited is launching the world’s 1st single chip OLED Driver IC with controller, SSD1301, for cellular phone application. SSD1301 is the first OLED product from Solomon Systech Limited’s OLED/PLED product family.

Through the joint development effort with RiTdisplay Corporation, one of the early adopters of OLED/PLED, the OLED module has been applied in the world’s 2nd OLED cellular phone that will be launched later this year.

SSD1301 is a single-chip OLED Driver for 132 x 64 plus 1 icon line dot matrix OLED display. With the integration of row drivers, column drivers, a current reference generator, contrast control, on-chip oscillator and several MCU interface modes, SSD1301 makes the cellular phone application becoming very cost-effective.

Moreover, Solomon Systech Limited implements its own patented OLED proprietary driving scheme in SSD1301 which can maximize the performance of OLED display, especially on reducing power consumption. In additions, the software command set of SSD1301 is closely compatible with SSL LCD driver IC SSD1815, which allows little effort in display software development.

The wide range of software contrast control, from 0 to 400μA, makes SSD1301 suitable for various kinds of Organic Light Emitting Diode display with different pixel size and color. SSD1301 is available in TCP/TAB package.

SSD1301 in TABSSD1301 in Chip-On-FilmProduct Demonstration
with OLED Panel

Technical Specifications

SSD1301 is a single-chip Organic/Polymer Light Emitting Diode driver with controller for OLED/PLED dot-matrix graphics display system. It consists of 132 high voltage/current driving output pins for driving 132 segment and 64 common plus 1 icon line driving common. This IC is designed for Common Cathode type OLED panel.

The driver provides 256 levels software contrast control and 2 current modes (Full range and Half range) to achieve power saving and suits a wide range of OLED panels. Moreover, the built-in 132×65 bit GDDRAM of SSD1301 can provide row remapping, column remapping, vertical scrolling and partial display features. It also offers several MCU interfaces such as 68/80 parallel bus, Serial Peripheral Interface and IIC.

SSD1301 is manufactured in CMOS process, available in TAB (Tape Automatic Bonding) and COF (Chip on Film). Samples of SSD1301 are available now at US$25@. For detailed information and product specifications, please contact Solomon Systech Limited or visit our web site at

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