Press Release

The Mini-RGB Interface System Solution with Advanced Ultra-Slim Single Chip TFT LCD Driver for Mobile Applications

Innovative technology allows only 6 data transmission wires for very compact design

(Hong Kong – 30 June 2006) Solomon Systech Limited is proud to launch its mini-RGB interface system solution consists of a mini-RGB bridge chip SSD1270 and a single chip TFT LCD driver IC SSD1276. The system supports 176×220 (QCIF+) resolution mainstream display with 262K color, minimal interface wires at lower power consumption for smart phone systems.

First in Industry – the Mini-RGB Interface Chip SSD1270

The mini-RGB interface chip, SSD1270, provides an effective transmission solution enabling short-range communication with a display device. Mini-RGB interface is a serial interface that only requires 6 wires for data transmission. Solomon Systech’s advanced design technology in its mini-RGB interface solution can achieve lower power consumption and optimum EMI impedance among most of existing high speed serial interface (HSSI) solution in the industry. SSD1270 is used to simplify the connections between a host processor and the display to reduce the cost of these connections, and simultaneously support dual display panels with up to 262k colors. It supports embedded serial peripheral interface control, which directly communicates with a main display through TFT LCD Driver SSD1276 and a sub-display in TFT/STN/OLED using the single serial interface. SSD1270 embeds a DC-DC converter and voltage generator to provide the necessary voltage required by the display driver with minimum external components. The interface operates in the 1.4V to 3.0V range. A low-power standby mode is supported in the SSD1270 for extra power savings.

Ultra-Slim Single Chip TFT LCD Driver SSD1276

SSD1276 is a single chip solution, incorporating both gate and source driver blocks and a power management circuit. It communicates with common image processor, TFT graphic controller, powerful baseband or application processor via 18-bit-RGB interface and Mini-RGB interface. This ensures speedy data transmission in the smart phone system. The width of the SSD1276 is only 0.9mm, making it one of the most compact solutions for QCIF+ resolution that is commercially available in the market. The small die allows thinner contact ledge for LCD modules, which in turn enables compact design for smart phones. Moreover, SSD1276 is the first single chip solution that offers an interim solution for serial interface in the industry with the mini-RGB interface support. Additionally, it supports serial interface output to provide a channel for sub display control. Mobile phone processor can directly communicate with SSD1276 and control also the sub display setting via single interface. These values retain Solomon Systech’s display ICs to be one of the most competitive solutions in the global market.

Figure 1: Mini-RGB Interface System Block Diagram