Press Release

The Fifth Generation PMOLED Mono Driver IC SSD1309

Support Super Bright Monochrome PMOLED

(Hong Kong – 16 Dec, 2010) Solomon Systech Limited, a world leader in passive matrix OLED (“PMOLED”) display driver technology, announces a new member SSD1309 to its OLED Driver IC Family. SSD1309 supports resolutions of up to 128×64 super bright PMOLED and has intelligent display features for applications such as mobile phones, MP3 players, USB thumb drives and watches.

With continuous development in OLED display driver IC technology, the SSD1309, enhanced and shrunk version of the SSD1303 and SSD1305 driver ICs, has remarkable advancement. The SSD1309 can support up to 320uA segment current for driving super bright OLED module at high performance in a compact die size. On the top of existing features, it carries brand-new unique features such as intelligent content scrolling function, which allows size-limited panels to display infinite content with minimum data update in display RAM. It tremendously simplifies the software coding and save power.

The SSD1309 also embeds with contrast control and on-chip oscillator, which reduces the number of external components. It is further enhanced with Solomon Systech’s proprietary driving scheme, resulting in superior and ultra-low power performance.

The SSD1309 is the fifth generation PMOLED monochrome driver. Solomon Systech will continue its effort in leading the market with latest technology and enhanced features on-chip, and to provide competitive display ICs for superior displays.


The SSD1309 samples are now available. Please contact our local sales office listed on the Solomon Systech website at or email us at for more information.

Super Bright PMOLED panel driven by SSD1309

SSD1309 in COG package applied in 128×36 OLED module