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Solomon Systech’s Innovative IC Technology Drives World’s First E-Paper Watch Wins Outstanding Innovation and Technology Product Awards

(Hong Kong – 13 October 2004) – Debuted today by Solomon Systech (International) Limited (“Solomon Systech” or the “Group”, SEHK: 2878), its brand new Electronic Paper (E-Paper) Driver Controller IC that drives the world’s first E-Paper watch, has won the Grand Award and Gold Award in 2004 Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association (HKEIA) Award for Outstanding Innovation and Technology Products. Solomon Systech’s innovative driver controller IC provides extraordinary high driving voltage (40v), proprietary driving waveforms and specific discharge scheme to enable the commercialization of the E-Paper technology. While the pioneering and innovative E-Paper watch is the first watch in the world with a bendable display that can be twisted into any shape or style.

Solomon Systech’s E-Paper Driver Controller IC won Grand Award and
Gold Award in the 2004 HKEIA Award for Outstanding Innovation
and Technology Products

The main objectives of the HKEIA Award for Outstanding Innovation and Technology Products are to recognize and reward companies which are able to produce new products with excellent design, technology or feature. The winners were selected by an independent judging panel comprising academia, representatives of public bodies and different commercial fields. Delighted with the technology breakthrough, Solomon Systech’s Managing Director, Mr. Humphrey Leung, welcomed the commendation, “With Solomon Systech’s proprietary IC technology and knowhow, we are the first in the world to realize such innovative display technology on consumer products. Our sophisticated and state-of-the-art display driver controller IC facilitates the application of E-Paper on portable devices and other new product concept such as timepiece, e-book or even fashion. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities for end product applications.”

Major electronics manufacturers around the world are seeking to incorporate new display technologies into their latest consumer products. A totally new concept in the history of display device, the bendable E-Paper display features thin, lightweight, low power consumption, irregular shape, and water resistance. It allows streamline design of versatile consumer electronics that can serve not only the practical needs of their users, but also as fashion icon to complement personal style.

The E-Paper Watch is designed by o.d.m. and manufactured by leading global watch manufacturer Sweda Limited. Mr. Leung concluded, “The co-operations with Sweda is a successful example of complete integration of the Hi-tech industry in Hong Kong from IC design to presentation of the end products, creating for itself a lead in the world. The success of this new IC technology also unequivocally drives us in our quest for sustainable technology innovation. Solomon Systech will continue to focus on new product development, which will allow us to stay ahead in the market and define the new electronic era.”

E-Paper Display ModuleApplication Example– E-Paper WatchE-Paper Watch and Bendable Module  

The advantages of the E-Paper system are as follows:

  • Paper like readability – wide viewing angle and high image contrast.  The system exhibits good display quality under weak and strong lighting condition without front light or backlight.
  • Thin and lightweight – the display consists of limited layers of material, and the IC is packaged in flexible film.  The system can be made as thin as 0.2mm.
  • Twistable – the display with IC is highly flexible and can be twisted or bended into different curvature.
  • Power saving – no refresh process is needed to keep the image display on, even when the E-Paper display system is disconnected from power supply.  Equipped with battery of exceptionally long life, it gives users added flexibility in portable applications.

With a talented IC design and development team, Solomon Systech has been developing display driver ICs that save power and ideally suited for portable devices. The brand-new display driver controller IC has brought E-Paper technology into the following application areas:

  • Electronic Shelf Label – the E-Paper price tags are connected by wireless network allowing for easy update of price information.
  • Timepieces – watch and clock design can be more imaginative by using E-Paper.  For example, a watch made completely of E-Paper may have the time and image shown on the wristband.
  • Smart Card – with E-paper to show accumulated credit and expense information.
  • E-book – the content of the book can be compressed into a memory card.  By inserting the card into an E-book, the content can be retrieved easily and systematically.