Press Release

Solomon Systech’s High Speed 4-lane MIPI Transmitters SSD2825/28

The perfect match with standard application processors for ultra high resolution smartphones

(Hong Kong – 12 September, 2012) Solomon Systech Limited (“Solomon Systech”) announced today its innovative display interface controllers, SSD2825G44 and SSD2828G44, which can be used with either dual-core or quad-core processors, are ideal solutions for HD720 (720 RGB x 1280) and FHD (1080RGB x 1920) smartphone and tablet applications respectively. SSD2825G44 has been adopted by leading smartphone brands and has also won design-in projects for the increasingly popular ultra high resolution smartphones.



SSD2825 – An Optimal Solution for Surging High-end HD720 Smartphone Displays

SSD2825G44, transmitting up to 600Mbps/lane, when paired up with application processors to support displays up to HD720, could effectively minimizes physical connections and power consumption. SSD2825G44 matches perfectly with standard application processors, like the popular dual-core 1.2GHZ or quad-core 1.4GHZ, to drive different LCD technologies, such as LTPS, a-Si, AMOLED and metal oxide.


Moreover, SSD2825G44 forms a perfect team with dual core 1.2GHZ and Solomon Systech’s high resolution LCD driver SSD2075 to support 4.5”/ 4.7”/ 5.0” HD720 a-Si IPS LCD displays. This perfect team offers an optimal solution – super low power, high resolution and cost-effective – for the growing high-end smartphone market.


Solomon Systech has been collaborating closely with Taiwan and US application processor suppliers to incorporate SSD2825 to support high resolution displays of up to HD720 of  leading China smartphone brands. SSD2825G44 has not only been listed in the Approved Vendor List of leading application processor suppliers, but has also been incorporated in the major reference designs of an increasing number of HD720 displays of leading smartphone brands. It is expected that HD720 smartphone displays will experience a surge in demand in China starting from the second half of 2012


SSD2828 – Poised to Capture Upcoming Growth of FHD Displays

Full High Definition (FHD) smartphone displays will soon see a rising trend. Solomon Systech, with its proprietary solutions of SSD2828G44, which are tailored for FHD displays, is well prepared to capture the rising market demand.


“Solomon Systech has been highly committed in the development of proprietary technologies and products for the high-growth smartphone market. The high speed display interface controller series is one good example. These MIPI-DSI bridge chips support high-resolution, high-speed and low-power smartphone FHD displays. Our display interface controller IC is in fact the world’s lowest power consumption MIPI 4-lane transmitter”, said WM Lo, Vice President of Mobile Display Business, Solomon Systech Limited. “These innovative solutions, together with our capacitive touch panel controllers and high resolution LCD drivers, help drive our business and enhance our positioning in the smartphone market.”


Product Structure and Key Features

Block Diagram of SSD2825/28



Key Features and Advantages of SSD2825/28


SSD2825/28 Display Interface Controllers
Key Features Advantages
  • Convert RGB into MIPI 4-lane
  • 600Mbps/ lane (SSD2825)
  • 1Gbps/ lane (SSD2828)
  • High speed data transfer with low EMI
  • Dynamic Backlight Control
  • Power saving function
  • 4x4mm BGA Package
  • 4.5×4.5mm BGA Package
  • High flexibility in compact mobile designs
  • Support HD720 (SSD2825)
  • Support FHD (SSD2828)


Advanced Technical Information on SSD2825/28


FeaturesPart no. SSD2825 SSD2828
MIPI lane 4 4
Transmission speed 600Mbps per lane 1Gbps per lane
Date rate 2.4Gbps 4.0Gbps
Maximum pixels per display row 1366 2560
Maximum resolution 1366×800 (60fps) 1920×1200 (60fps)
    2560×1600 (30fps)
Power consumption (500Mbps@4 lane) 42mW 45mW
Power consumption (1Gbps@4 lane) N/A 65mW
CABC Yes Yes
RGB/MCU mode Yes Yes
SPI interface, 3 types MIPI DBI compliance Yes Yes
Burst and Non-burst mode support Yes Yes
Package 4×4 WFBGA 64L 4×4 WFBGA 64L /

4.5×4.5 WFBGA

Status Mass Production Samples ready

begin Mass Production  in Q3, 2012



The SSD2825/SSD2828 samples are now available. Please contact our local sales office listed on the Solomon Systech website at or email us at for more information.