Press Release

Solomon Systech’s Capacitive Touch Panel Controller SSD2533

Named 2011 Hottest Controller/Driver IC

(Hong Kong – 7 Sept, 2011) Solomon Systech Limited (“Solomon Systech”) is pleased to announce that its Single Chip Capacitive Touch Panel Controller SSD2533 has won the “2011 China IC Design House Awards – Hottest Controller/Driver ICs” conferred by Electronic Engineering Times (“EE Times”) China at the CEO Forum cum Award Presentation Ceremony held on 6 September 2011.


SSD2533, the latest product added to Solomon Systech’s Capacitive Touch Panel Controller family, is an all-in-one multi-touch panel controller that integrates power circuits, 23 driving and 41 sensing circuits into one single chip. Supporting display panel of up to 11 inches with Full High Definition resolution, SSD2533 has a proprietary DSP-based programmable architecture that allows truly simultaneous detection points of up to 10 fingers, which greatly enhances user-experience. It also contains other distinctive features such as embedded 16-bit MCU and internal ROM/RAM supporting gesture reporting, strong noise immunity for both AC-VCOM and DC-VCOM TFT displays and a highly compact design enabling touch panels on portable devices spanning from tablet computers, digital photo frames, to mobile Internet devices and personal navigation devices.


“This award is further affirmation of what our customers and partners have been telling us: our leading–edge, cost effective solution could best leverage the opportunities presented by the proliferation of mobile devices adopting capacitive touch technology. It is also a recognition of all the work and efforts our team has put into this innovative product,” said WM Lo, Vice President of Business Operations, Solomon Systech Limited at the award presentation ceremony.


“2011 China IC Design House Awards – Hottest ICs” of EE Times China is one of the most recognized awards in the IC industry in China. The objective of the Award is to honor IC design companies that demonstrate excellent designs with professional technical support. The entries for the Hottest ICs awards were products launched within January and July 2011 covering five segments – Controller/Driver ICs, Power ICs, Wireless ICs, Processor and Amplifier/Converter.


WM Lo, Vice President of Business Operations, at a video interview with EE Times China Jess Tam (2nd from right), Business Operations Director, Solomon Systech Limited, receiving the 2011 Hottest Controller/Driver IC Award