Press Release

Solomon Systech Wins The Employer of The Year Award

We are pleased to announce that Solomon Systech (International) Limited (“Solomon Systech”, SEHK: 2878) won the Employer Of The Year 2004 Award in the category of manufacturing presented by The award is co-organized by Next Magazine and the renowned US research company ORC International.


The objectives of the Employer Of The Year Award are to promote sound employment practice; honor and pay tribute to the organizations which are preferred employers; offer organizations an opportunity to measure employee satisfaction; and set role models for the industry. The judging criteria cover career development, job security, remuneration and benefits, company ethics, overall communication, working environment, appraisal system, clarity and consistency of policies and responsiveness to employees’ concern. Seen as an industry benchmark, the Award will become a coveted award for companies in Hong Kong.


Solomon Systech, as the dominant display IC products provider, has a rich pool of industry talents that we regard as the most important asset of the Group. The outstanding quality and in-depth industry experience of our staff has attributed to the Group’s continuous success. At the meantime, this is also the Group’s mission to provide job satisfaction environment for employees to develop and expand their capability as well as their profession. While we believe in incentivizing, retaining and rewarding employees, and attracting new talents, this Award has proven our effort and programs in place. All these different measures enable us to align our employees’ interests with those of the Group, and let our employees to contribute and share our success.