Press Release

Solomon Systech Wins “Grand Award of 2007 Hong Kong Awards for Industries – Productivity and Quality”

(Hong Kong – 24 Jan 2008) – Solomon Systech Limited (“Solomon Systech” or the “Group”) has won the Grand Award of the 2007 Hong Kong Awards for Industries – Productivity & Quality (“the Awards”) organized by the Hong Kong Productivity Council.


The accolade honors Solomon Systech’s effort represented by two innovative programs, namely Quality Delivery Program (QDP) and Manufacturing Excellence Program (MEP), which have direct impacts on critical areas of the Group’s operations including product quality, supply chain and RoHS management, on-time-delivery (OTD), yield improvement and in-time response to discrepancy and remedial actions. The first program improved the Group’s OTD by 7.6% in the three years between 2004 and 2006 and shortened the order acknowledgment cycle to less than one day. As for the second program, it improved high volume product yield of different product lines by 3 to 13%, speed up engineering disposition time from ~60 hours to ~15 hours on average and saved thousands of man-day per year in data search & analysis time.


Mr. W.C. Lai, Vice President, Quality and Manufacturing of Solomon Systech, said, “It is our honor to be receiving the Awards testifying to expert recognition of our outstanding performance in productivity and quality improvement. The programs demonstrate our ability as a fabless company using locally developed information technologies to efficiently manage factories outside Hong Kong. Our efforts to improve quality have proven worthwhile.”


The Group’s paperless quality management system was first awarded ISO9000 certification in 2000, just nine months after the company was founded. In 2002, the system secured the upgraded ISO9001:2000 status. The Group has passed all ISO audits (15 in all) with zero non-conformance since it first sought the international accreditations in 1999. Furthermore, all products of the Group achieved full compliance with the “Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive” laid down by the European Union (EU) on 1 October 2005, eight months before the directives took effect formally. As a social responsible corporation, the Group continued to improve on quality in 2007 securing ISO14001 certification recognizing its concrete environmental protection measures designed with the aim of balancing social well being with economic growth.


The Hong Kong Awards for Industries officially launched in 2005 merged the former Hong Kong Awards for Industry and Hong Kong Awards for Services, established in 1989 and 1997 respectively. It has seven award categories presided by different organizations. Resting with the Hong Kong Productivity Council, the category of productivity and quality recognizes Hong Kong enterprises for attaining continual improvement of productivity and quality, with senior management demonstrating devotion and evidence of real value achieved and optimum use of resources. Twenty-seven enterprises competed in the category this year.


The Group was also the Grand Award winner of the “2003 Hong Kong Award for Industry: Technological Achievement” and the Grand Award winner of the “2001 Hong Kong Award for Industry: Export Marketing”.