Press Release

Solomon Systech takes part in the special exhibition organized by the Hong Kong Museum of History and the FHKI

(HONG KONG, 12 June 2020) Solomon Systech Limited will participate in the “Striving and Transforming – The History of Hong Kong Industry” exhibition in Hong Kong, showcasing about 1,200 sets of classic Hong Kong-made products over the past century.  Jointly organized by the Hong Kong Museum of History (“Museum”) and the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (“FHKI”), the exhibition is part of the FHKI 60th anniversary promotion campaign. The classic Hong Kong-made products ranging from Solomon Systech ICs, Solar pressure lantern, Mino transistor radio to Equity clock will be showcased at Special Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong Museum of History and running for more than two months from 17 June to 24 August, 2020.

Background of the exhibition
Year 2020 is the 60th anniversary of the FHKI, the exhibition has collated about 1,200 sets of items from companies and museums to show how industrialists strived for success and pay generous tribute to the working class for its contribution to Hong Kong’s industrial development in the past decades.

Having the fact that many factories were relocated to the Mainland China in recent years, Hong Kong, still, remains a base for decision making, product design and promotion in addition to grooming industry talents.  The exhibition provides a valuable opportunity for the city to explore new possibilities in the high-tech and creative industries.

Highlights of our involvement in exhibition
Solomon Systech Limited is one of the few participating companies in the semiconductor industry being invited to be taken part in this meaningful and territory-wide exhibition. The seven items provided by our company to the exhibition include various forms and shapes of ICs, an enlarged drawing of a mobile phone display panel IC design, a mask used to produce ICs, a mobile phone and an electronic shelf label using electronic paper (“e-paper”) technology.

Being a pioneer of MIPI solutions for display, Solomon Systech Limited has picked its IC, SSD2861, which is the lowest power consumption MIPI 8-lane transmitter in the world, to be one of the items loaned for this exhibition.   Besides, one should not miss some other exhibits related to Solomon Systech e-paper technology.  Unlike conventional “emissive display”, light from a backlight is projected through the display towards your eyes, e-paper displays are referred to as “reflective displays”. The ambient light from the environment is reflected from the surface of the display back to your eyes. As with any reflective surface, the more ambient light, the brighter the display looks. This may make users more comfortable to read and provide a wider viewing angle than most light-emitting displays.  In short, the advantages of e-paper include high visibility and low energy consumption.  Power is only needed when turning to a new image of e-paper that extends the battery life in the product. The aforesaid wide array of critical knowhow enables us to stay forefront of the industry in response to fulfilling market needs promptly and maintaining our competitive edges.

Raymond Wang, Chief Executive Officer of Solomon Systech (International) Limited (the listed parent company of Solomon Systech Limited) said, “Walking together with Hong Kong and the FHKI for years, we believe technology will help shape a better world.  Hence, we endeavor to put effort in enriching and extending our intellectual property portfolio, so as to develop cutting-edge technologies applicable to various kinds of display solutions.  We also hope to engage all walks of life to visit this exhibition and get inspiration by the development of our company dedicated to the transformation of the high-tech industry.”

Complimentary gifts
The standard admission fee is HK$10 per visitor (free for Museum Pass holders). Unlock an exclusive benefit if you visit the exhibition in the designated period.  Complimentary promotion items will be given away by the Museum to all visitors of the exhibition on a first-come, first-served basis and will be available while stock lasts.

The information of the exhibition can be obtained from the website of the Museum