Press Release

Solomon Systech Strengthens OLED Product Portfolio With SSD1360

Ideal Display Driver Controllers for Super High Brightness Character OLED Display Panels

(Hong Kong – 13 Jan, 2014) Solomon Systech Limited, a world leader in passive matrix OLED (PMOLED) display driver technology, today announced the addition of a new member to its PMOLED driver family – SSD1360. The SSD1360, with built-in character ROMs and ICON display feature, supports super high brightness OLED display for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is an ideal solution for the new era of Character OLED display.


The PMOLED Display Driver Controller SSD1360 supports 2-line display, each line with 16 to 24 characters in 5×8 or 6×8 dots character format, and up to 32 ICON lines. It has three built-in market standard character ROMs covering ASCII, English, European and Japanese characters. SSD1360, supporting I2C (up to 400kbit/s) and also 4/8-bit parallel and serial interfaces, has a wide range of applications, including industrial, power meter, audio and white goods.


Most importantly, SSD1360 supports super high brightness OLED display panels suitable for outdoor use. The unique display driving scheme enables power saving PMOLED module to output 600cd/m2 display brightness to replace traditional power consuming high brightness character type display modules (e.g. for Vacuum Fluorescent Display).


“With the advancement of OLED technology, most of the major panel makers from China, Japan and Taiwan are ready to use the more cost effective PMOLED display panels to replace VFD,” said Mr. Raymond Wang, Vice President, Business Operations of Solomon Systech Limited.  “Given the premium display quality of OLED, the compatibility of ROM and command set in SSD1360 with standard VFD display driver controllers in the market, OLED character display modules designed with SSD1360 enables faster time-to-market and is best for VFD direct replacement.”


“Moreover, the power consumption of end applications can be drastically reduced by replacing VFD modules with SSD1360-enabled PMOLED modules. The well experienced design team at Solomon Systech Limited can also custom design characters using SSD1360’s built-in ROM to cater to various applications’ language needs,” Mr. Wang added. 


Maximum number of Display Character 1 to 2 lines with 16 to 24 characters on each line

5×8 or 6×8 dots character formats

Maximum Panel Resolution for Dot Matrix Display 120 X 16
Maximum ICON Lines 32
Character Generator ROM (CGROM) ASCII, English, European, Japanese