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Solomon Systech Sponsored WWF Ocean’s 10 Campaign Announced Public Votes for Their Favourite

Drew public attention to the dire situation faced by the local marine species

(Hong Kong – 15 Nov 2007) – As part of the Ocean’s 10 campaign sponsored by Solomon Systech (International) Limited (“Solomon Systech” or the “Group”, SEHK: 2878), WWF announced today a public polling result of the Hong Kong Favourite “Ocean’s 10” Species. Through online, exhibition and outreach program channels, Hong Kong people actively voted for 10 selected local marine species – “Ocean’s 10” – between June and October this year. A total of 6,841 people cast their votes for three separate polls, namely “My Favourite Ocean’s 10”, “Ocean’s 10 Most Wanted” and “The Most Energetic Ocean’s 10”.


“I am pleased to see so many people cast their votes and showed their commitment to marine conservation,” said Ms. Yvonne Chan, Corporate Communications Director of Solomon Systech. “As a good corporate citizen, Solomon Systech is committed to protect the environment through different initiatives both internally within the company and externally to the public. The 3-year sponsorship program with WWF on Ocean’s 10 has successfully raised public awareness in marine conservation. We especially thank WWF for their effort and we are looking forward to work together further for a better environment in Hong Kong.”


More than half of the voter chose the Chinese white dolphin as their favourite. The Green turtle was ranked the second in both “My Favourite Ocean’s 10” and “Ocean’s 10 Most Wanted”, followed by Horseshoe Crab and Brain Coral in the two respective categories. Mudskipper, a star species at WWF’s Mai Po Nature Reserve, surpassed Green Turtle as the second “Most Energetic” species.


“These Ancient Mariners are in desperate straits in Hong Kong. There’s good chance we’re watching them going extinct right in front of our eyes, which would be such a sad moment for Hong Kong. It may not be too late but we’ve got to see urgent and major conservation efforts in the next few years,” noted Dr. Andy Cornish, Conservation Director, of WWF Hong Kong.


WWF kicked off the Ocean’s 10 program in 2005 featuring 10 marine species found in Hong Kong waters to raise public awareness on the marine environment. Solomon Systech is the title sponsor of the campaign. Activities of the Ocean’s 10 in the past 3 years included a Bus Design Competition, the Launch of a new Ocean’s 10 website and a Multimedia Creativity Competition etc. The “Ocean’s 10” marine species are Brain Coral, Chinese Bahaba, the Chinese White Dolphin, the Green Turtle, the Hong Kong Grouper, Horseshoe Crab, Mudskipper, Sea Grass, the Purple Sea Urchin and the Yellow Croaker. Their information and unique stories including their biology, fun facts, threats and conservation status can be found on the Ocean’s 10 website at  Polling result can be found at



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