Press Release

Solomon Systech Partners with CEC Panda To Launch the World’s First Single-Chip In-Cell TDDI for FHD IGZO Panels

(Hong Kong & PRC – 4 January 2017) Solomon Systech Limited (“Solomon Systech”) and Nanjing CEC Panda LCD Technology Co., Ltd. (“CEC Panda”) are pleased to announce that they have successfully developed the “World’s First” single-chip TDDI (Touch and Display Driver IC) supporting Full high-definition (FHD) (1080 x 1920) IGZO In-Cell panels. This is a breakthrough product combining the advantages of both TDDI and IGZO technologies to cater to the rising needs of smartphone end-users for excellent display quality and touch performance, thinner, lighter and sleeker design, and longer battery life; and also smartphone manufacturers’ quest for lower system cost, simplified manufacturing process and shorter time-to-market.  


The Best Combination of IGZO and In-Cell Touch Technologies – The Preferred Choice for New Generation Smartphones

The market demand for In-Cell TDDI has been on the rise. Solomon Systech is among the first few in the industry to have achieved mass production of single chip TDDI solutions. To date, Solomon Systech has scored a shipment record of over 10 million units of TDDI. Single-chip TDDI integrates display and touch functions and optimizes both display and touch performances. It also reduces system cost, simplifies manufacturing process and shortens time-to-market.


IGZO is considered the next technology of choice as IGZO panels can achieve excellent display quality (400ppi for a 5.5” FHD display panel) and low power consumption, and yet with much lower system cost when compared with LTPS panels. IGZO panels support “Frame Skipping” technology to enhance further the touch performance. Also, since IGZO panels have high electron mobility (10-20 times higher than a-Si) which reduces the size of transistors, its display performance is excellent, with the images vivid and sharp.


As a result, this world’s first single-chip In-Cell TDDI for FHD IGZO panels has successfully combined the unique advantages of IGZO and In-Cell touch technologies and would become the preferred choice for new generation mobile devices:


  • High Signal-To-Noise Ratio (SNR) Ratio – Enables Excellent Touch Performance – Solomon Systech’s self-developed IP, “Frame Skipping” technology, helps increase detection time per frame and reduce signal interference to achieve high SNR ratio (over 50dB) for excellent touch performance. The TDDI also has ultra-fast response (touch reporting rate: 120Hz).


  • Support 2mm Stylus, Excellent Waterproof Performance – Solomon Systech’s maXTouch® touch firmware algorithm enables the superior functions of the product. It enjoys a leading position in the industry.


  • Display Vivid Colors and Clear Images – supporting 16M colors, together with IGZO’s high electron mobility and Solomon Systech-developed “Color Enhancement” function, the product enables enhancement of color (saturation), contrast, sharpness, and also sunlight readability, making the images vivid and clear, comparable to AMOLED and LTPS displays.


  • Low Power Consumption. Extend Smartphone’s Battery Life – “Frame Skipping” technology together with “Contents Adaptive Backlight Control” (CABC) reduces power consumption of the backlight, thus lowers the display power consumption of IGZO panels by an average of 25%.


  • Embedded Gestures to Enhance User Experience – embedded with 14 configurable touch gestures.  End users can also define their own gesture menu.


Apart from the above advantages, this proprietary TDDI also features successful incorporation of a multiplexer. It is the “World’s First” to incorporate a multiplexer on a non-LTPS panel, thereby reducing IC die size (from dual chip to single chip) and increases module yield rate.


WM Lo, Corporate Vice President and Head of Main Display Business Unit of Solomon Systech said, “The successful development of this “World’s First” is an important milestone and technological breakthrough in the TFT-LCD display industry worldwide. It is achieved by the synergistic collaboration between Solomon Systech and our customer, CEC Panda. We aim to continue to leverage our strong technological capability in TDDI and IGZO to develop innovative solutions to capitalize on the surging smart mobile devices market, and most importantly, to contribute to the competitiveness of China’s new display industry as a whole.”   


Wang Zhijun, Head of Research & Development Centre, Nanjing CEC Panda LCD Technology Co., Ltd. said, “IGZO as a New Display technology increases the resolution of display panels while reducing cost. It is enjoying a growing market share. As a perfect match with TDDI technology which is becoming the preferred choice of new generation smartphones, IGZO is expecting strong market potential. We successfully developed this innovative product with Solomon Systech best proves that we have achieved an important milestone in implementing China’s plan to boost the electronic and information industry, in enhancing the overall R&D level of China’s TFT-LCD display industry, and also in strengthening the ecological integrity of the chain of upstream and downstream supporting industries of CEC’s TFT-LCD display segment. We shall continue to build on this foundation and forge ahead to becoming a key competitor in the world’s TFT-LCD display industry.”


To Unveil in CES Consumer Electronics Show in the US

This World’s First single-chip In-Cell TDDI for FHD IGZO panels will be unveiled at the CEC Panda’s Booth at the 2017 CES Show. The annual CES Show is the world’s largest consumer electronics show. It will be held on January 5-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Media are most welcome.