Press Release

Solomon Systech named as “Caring Company”

Solomon Systech cares about the society and the environment. In 2007, the Group was again named a “Caring Company” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) in recognition of its active involvement in social and community related activities.

Last year was the third year of the Group’s 3-year sponsorship of WWF’s “Ocean’s 10” project, with the aim of educating the general public on marine conservation. The activities that took place during the year included a Multimedia Creativity Competition & Exhibition, a Public Voting on the favorite among the “Ocean’s 10”

Species and a number of marine conservation education cruises. The different programs in the campaign have encouraged young people to demonstrate their creativity in helping to conserve marine life forms and habitat and also raised public awareness about environmental protection.
Multimedia Creativity Competition

(From Left) Ms. Sam Lee, Director of CEPA, WWF Hong Kong, Mr. Percy Lam, President of Solomon Systech Limited, Ms. Maggie Fung, IVE Kwun Tong, Dr. Rebecca Lee and Mr. Alex Fong, Ocean’s 10 Ambassador of WWF Hong Kong took photo with Ocean’s 10 kids in the award presentation ceremony for Multimedia Creativity Competition (10 June 2007)
In addition to supporting community activities, the Group has implemented a number of “Green” office measures. To cut down on paper consumption, it encourages double-side printing, print only when necessary and print two pages in one sheet, and only Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified papers are used for printing in the office as well as for printing the Group’s results reports and other corporate literature. It also relays energy saving tips to staff members through a daily learning program. With its Quality and Environmental Management System ISO14001 certified, the Group has extended its green mission to entail also compliant to RoHS Directive and participation in the green movement of the electronic industries.

Apart from being a “Green” partner of customers and the society, the Group donates to and participates in many charitable causes such as “Dress Special Day” and “Walks for Million”. The Group also funds various local university scholarship programs and sponsors international symposiums and forums for technology sharing. As a hi-tech company, Solomon Systech also advises the industry, and the local government and universities, playing a part in nurturing growth of the sector and ultimately contribute to the well-being of the entire society.

Dress Special Day

Solomon Systech staffs participated in Dress Special Day (25 September 2007)