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Solomon Systech Limited Wins the HK New SME Gold Award

The Success of Hi-Tech Semiconductor Industry in Hong Kong




The Honourable Tung Chee Hwa
Chief Executive
Government of the HKSAR

Hong Kong’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are notable for their vitality and dynamism, as well as their swiftness in responding to the competitive international market. For many years, they have made tremendous contributions to Hong Kong’s economic development.

The globalization of world economy, the emergence of a knowledge-based economy and the Mainland’s rapid development have brought unprecedented challenges and opportunities to our SMEs. To remain competitive in today’s dynamic environment, SMEs have to be innovative and strive for excellence. I am delighted to note the outstanding achievements of the Hong Kong SME Award winners in these aspects. You have made yourself the model for other SMEs, and the pride of Hong Kong.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my congratulations to the award winners, and wish the SMEs in Hong Kong every success in the future.  

Hong Kong, China – July 17, 2001 – The Gold Award winner of this year’s Hong Kong New SME Award was officially announced at a ceremony (16 July) to be Solomon Systech Limited.  It was officiated by Mr. Chau Tak Hay, Secretary for Commerce and Industry.  This gold award represented the highest honor of the event.

Now in its third successive year, the Hong Kong SME Award is organized by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC). First launched in November 1998, the Award aims to recognize the achievements of local small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and to identify success models to spearhead Hong Kong’s continued growth and competitiveness.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. K.K. Yeung, Chairman of the 3rd Hong Kong SME Award Steering Committee said, “The dawn of the new century has brought with it a host of new challenges. To survive and succeed, Hong Kong SMEs must adapt to this rapidly changing business environment by developing high-value added products and services through innovation, continuous improvement in management and a strengthened application of e-commerce techniques. While looking for innovative elements among the 70 entrants, our judging panel has also taken into account other crucial criteria, such as leadership, business development, human resources development, organizational development, resources management, critical success factors, and results.” 

Being the Gold Award winner, Mr. Humphrey Leung, President of Solomon Systech Limited shared the company’s vision and success factors at the ceremony, “We want to be a leading local semiconductors company in HK and China.”


“There are a lot of factors that make a company to be successful.  For us, there are 3 critical areas,” explained by Mr. Leung. “Firstly, the whole company and team of staff share the same vision to be a leading local hi-tech semiconductors company. Vision without execution is only a dream.


Mr. Humphrey Leung (left), President of Solomon Systech Limited received the New
SME Gold Award from Mr. Chau Tak Hay (right), Secretary for Commerce and Industry of the HKSAR

So secondly, we have a very strong and experienced technical team with semiconductors know-how, mixed with new college graduates to execute our vision.  We created a business model which allows us to run hi-tech semiconductors business under the Hong Kong’s environment. We focus all our resources to do product development, and quality & supply chain management.”

“Thirdly, to maintain our competitive edge in the global market and motivate our staff, we have several business and rewarding systems in place.  We have created our information and quality system to keep our product quality and intellectual properties. We have incentive programs to promote employee ownership and performance,” said Mr. Leung.  “Over 70% of our staffs own the company’s share and we also profit sharing scheme to reward for performance.” 

Mr. Leung believed after winning the award, the company has proven that the hi-tech industry could be very successful in Hong Kong.  

Comments from the Judging Panel

Solomon Systech Limited has all the critical elements necessary for a successful company. They excel at innovation with their strong IT R&D team while carefully nurturing a company-wide total management system. Moreover, they’ve developed strict quality control standards, excellent relationships with their customers, plus a clear strategic vision for future development. This sound foundation has contributed a great deal to the sustained growth and prosperity of the company over the years. Solomon Systech Limited is renowned as one of the few Hong Kong high-tech enterprises capable of competing with world-class, high-tech giants and secure in its standing within the global high-tech market. 

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