Press Release

Solomon Systech Limited Participated in “Barrier Busters 2021”

Actively Fulfilled Corporate Social Responsibilities

Promoted Awareness of Building a Harmonized Society

Hong Kong, 17 December 2021 – “Barrier Busters 2021” organized by the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation (“HKSR”), is an outdoor competitive event to help people to understand the daily challenges of not being able to see, hear, speak or with other disabilities. The event was held on 12th December, required teams to participate in various tasks throughout Hong Kong. Participants sometimes wore special devices to simulate various disabilities. The participants have the opportunities to learn about the daily challenges faced by people with disabilities by wearing blindfolds, covering their ears or using a wheelchair. The management of Solomon Systech Limited (“SSL”, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Solomon Systech (International) Limited) (HKEX stock code: 2878)) and the two volunteer teams actively participated in these activities. Employees were able to build their knowledge through simulating the living with a disability through participating in these activities. The event not only increased the employees’ awareness of living with a disability, but also enhanced the employees’ understanding of the need to establish social awareness of barrier-free and care for all people in the society.

Mr. Raymond, Wah-Chi Wang, the Chief Executive Officer and an Executive Director of Solomon Systech Limited said, “Solomon Systech is committed to integrating corporate social responsibility into our corporate culture and caring for people in need from different sectors of society. We believe providing an environment which is compatible and harmonized for all people in the community, we will be able to achieve steady growth with all stakeholders in the society. I am honored to be able to lead a group of our employees to participate in this event, to contribute to society and help more people in need. I hope that a “barrier-free city” can be realized in Hong Kong to help more people with disabilities to integrate into the community. The company will strive to participate in more charitable activities in the future to bring more positive energy to our society. “

Participants of Solomon Systech commented, “This activity made me consider on the issue of lack of support for people with disabilities in society. This first-person experience allowed me to further explore barrier-free facilities in the community, and it also gave me a better understanding of the difficulties that the people with disabilities face. For example, if the location lacks elevators or guide bricks when going somewhere, it can take up to twice the time for them to get to the destination. Therefore, I think there is a lot of room for improvement in building barrier-free facilities in the community.”

The company team took pictures before the competition in different areas. Some tasks required participants to wear special devices to simulate people with different kind of disabilities. (e.g. wheelchair users, the visually impaired and hearing impaired people)
The company team completed the “Barrier Busters 2021” and returned to Chater Road, Central. Donations for the event will support the services of the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation so that more people with disabilities and chronic illnesses can receive high-quality rehabilitation services.

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