Press Release

Solomon Systech Launches SSD2355 World’s First OLED Lighting Driver Controller

(Hong Kong – 13 July, 2015) Solomon Systech Limited (“Solomon Systech”), a leading semiconductor company providing display IC products and system solutions, is pleased to launch the world’s first single chip OLED lighting driver controller SSD2355, which enables ultra-slim, energy-efficient and smooth dimming control of OLED lighting as well as LED backlight applications.    


Enables OLED Lighting: The Next Generation Lighting

Organic lighting emitting diode (“OLED”) is believed to be the technology for next generation lighting, featuring superior color temperature, lighting quality, flexibility in form factor, colors and sizes, and also eco-friendly characteristics. With built-in DMX512 interfaces, SSD2355 supports simultaneously up to 255 OLED lighting panels with different address codes.


Key Features

– Dynamic output current (5uA – 1.2A)
  • Enable good dimming control quality in low brightness for LED and OLED lighting
– Wide dimming depth of 18bit
– Programmable Gamma setting
  • Enable smooth brightness transition
– Soft start with smooth transition effect
  • Protect LED and OLED lighting from rush current during transition period
– Multiple dimming control interfaces
  • Support various forms of luminaire: DC, PWM, I2C, and DMX512
 – Independent output PWM frequency of 4kHz
  • Flicker-free lighting for photo and video shooting
– Multiphase buck converter
  • Enable ultra-slim lighting fixtures of ≤1.5mm


Unlimited Applications: OLED Lightings, LED Backlights and more …   

The distinctive features of SSD2355 make it an effective solution not only for a wide variety of OLED lightings, including interior, architectural, stage, automotive, etc., but also enable a wide range of other usages, including LED backlight applications, as well as furniture elements (mirror and other surfaces), as part of an interior space, room or building.


“Solomon Systech is highly committed to the development of OLED technology. We have been a market leader of PMOLED driver IC and we have also been developing AMOLED technology with leading panel makers. Now we have stepped into OLED lighting by launching the world’s first OLED lighting driver controller. We are dedicated to forge ahead to contribute to the advancement of this next generation lighting technology with great market potential,” said Raymond Wang, Vice President, Business Operations, Solomon Systech Limited.



The SSD2355 samples are now available. Please contact our local sales office listed on the Solomon Systech website at or email to for more information.