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Solomon Systech Launches SPD2010 for 1st Full Color TDDI in Wearable Display

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(Hong Kong – 7 Oct, 2021) Solomon Systech Limited (“Solomon Systech” or “SSL”), a leading semiconductor company specializing in the design, development and sales of proprietary display IC products and system solutions, today announced the launch of SPD2010, a touch display driver IC supporting maximum 454RGBx454 in-cell a-Si panel technologies. It is an innovative design for IoT applications combining touch and display functions in single chip.

IoT wearable application has become a trend nowadays. One of the key features on IoT wearable is a unique display function with touch interface control. SPD2010 has embedded both display and touch engines. It supports full 24-bit color display with in-cell touch function to avoid additional touch sensor lamination on the LCD glass. SPD2010 from Solomon Systech is the perfect solution on compact IoT wearable design.

(1) High Integration

Hard key is rarely to be used in IoT wearable design due to space limitation. SPD2010 is a Touch Display Driver Integrated (TDDI) IC supporting from 454RGBx454 to 200RGBx200. It drives a-Si in-cell panel with touch functions. As no external touch sensor needed, the thickness of the module can be down to 1.57mm including backlight and in-cell touch sensor.

Besides, as dual gate IC design, SPD2010 die width achieves under 1mm which provides the solution on slim and compact module design fit for wearable needs.

To get the breakthrough, SPD2010 is capable to make as a Chip On Film (COF) design. The IC bonding is done in the film instead of LCD glass. The bottom bezel on the panel can be further decreased in order to achieve bezel-less smart wear design in future.

(2) Cost Effective

Unique display module is the key on IoT products as they have different form-fit-factor in usual. AMOLED needs expensive mask tooling cost and add-on touch sensor. SPD2010 is a TDDI for a-Si LCD panel. Low cost of a-Si LCD mask tooling can be easily achieved due to fewer mask layers for the application. Besides, no additional touch sensor tooling is needed for in-cell display, which allows high flexibility IoT design even there are different sharpness and size requirements for various IoT applications.

One of the advantages of in-cell LCD panel is the mature supply chain which avoid any limitation of material and equipment support. Also, it is cost effective on production of in-cell LCD due to fewer layers requirement and more simple process comparing to AMOLED application.

(3) Best Quality

SPD2010 supports 16M color display with CABC functions. SSL has introduced new dual gate feed-through compensation driving scheme to enhance the uniformity of the display. This is one of the proprietary in SSL.

Different functions on sleep out has been defined at wearable software by simple gestures which embedded in the IC such as slide and knock-gesture.

(4) Low Power Consumption

Battery life is king in portable IoT wearables.

In order to decrease the power consumption on sensing the gesture during the sleep mode, SPD2010 enable configurable low scan function during sleep mode with display off. Due to touch block has been integrated, SPD2010 can fully control the scan process to detect the gesture with lowest power consumption.

Furthermore, optimized setting between touch and display scanning can further reduce the power consumption with low frame rate or 8-color mode function in option.


ItemsSpecification details
ResolutionMax. 454RGB x 454, 24bit color full color
Flexible down to 200RGB x 200
Support Panela-Si In-cell LCD panel
TP Channel36 or 40ch for touch optimization
Display StructureDual gate LCD + GIP + TDDI
Die Size<1000um y-axis for slim border design
Touch SpecificationBuilt-in 1 finger + gesture / 2 fingers touch/ wake up gestures
RAM Size454*454*24bits, 1/2RAM for self-refresh mode on power save
Display InterfaceMIPI 1 lane
Dual SPI
ComponentSupport flash-less TP solution
TP Report Rate60Hz
Display ModeFull color mode (Idle mode OFF): 16.7M color@30Hz ~65Hz
Reduce color mode (Idle mode ON): 8-color@1Hz~30Hz
Power ConsumptionNormal mode: (VDD+VCI) – 13mA@30Hz Sleep mode: (VDD+VCI) – 30uA
Operating Temperature -30℃~85℃
StatusMass production ready


The SPD2010 information are now available. Please contact our local sales office listed on the Solomon Systech website at or email us at for more information.

SPD2010 IoT module with compact design

Demo of SPD2010 TDDI module

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