Press Release

Solomon Systech Launches Offline LED driver ICs SSD1072/1073

Providing high power factor solution with improved system power efficiency for LED lighting applications

(Hong Kong – 4 August, 2011) Solomon Systech Limited (“Solomon Systech”) today announces the launch of two new members to the LED lighting family of its Green Power business unit – SSD1072/1073. The new SSD1072/1073 constant current driver ICs provide a higher power factor and high system efficiency solution for offline LED lighting applications.

With built-in active power factor correction feature, the power factor of Solomon Systech’s SSD1072/1073 can reach up to 0.98.  Active power factor correction eliminates a large electrolytic or tantalum filter capacitor after the input bridge rectifier, which not only helps enhance system lifetime, which is always dominated by the capacitors, but also reduces the component count and thus lowers the production cost.

System power efficiency is always a key distinguishing feature for LED drivers. With SSD1072/1073, the system power efficiency can be improved to up to 92%. Moreover, as output current is controlled by external MOSFET, it is adjustable by external circuit for different applications like LED bulb (E27 / GU10 / G24 / PAR) and LED tube light.

SSD1073 also has dimming function that allows extra energy saving. Knowing that not all users have dimmers installed to adjust light levels, the On/Off dimming technology of SSD1073 offers an alternative solution for the energy efficiency retrofit market. With SSD1073, dimming can be done simply by using traditional wall switch, allowing toggling off and on within just 1 second

Figure 1 On/Off Dimming Cycle of SSD1073

In addition, several safety features, including natural current-limited soft start, over-temperature protection, open load protection, open feedback loop protection, are also embedded in SSD1072/73 to enhance competitiveness.

“As power saving has become increasingly important for the lighting market, LED lighting driver ICs enjoy great market potentials. Our newly launched innovative products, SSD1072/73, given their many energy saving features, offer a cost effective solution for the surging LED application market,” said Mr. WM Lo, Vice President, Business Operations of Solomon Systech Limited.

Technical Features of SSD1072/1073 :

Part Number SSD1072 SSD1073
Applications E27, E14, GU10, G24,
PAR30/38, T8/T5
E27, E14, GU10, G24,
PAR30/38, T8/T5
Driving Topology Buck, Flyback Buck, Flyback
Constant Current Model 20mA ~ 2A (by Ext. MOSFET) 20mA ~ 2A (by Ext. MOSFET)
Input Voltage (Vin) 90V ~ 270V 90V ~ 270V
Max. Driving Efficiency 92% 92%
Max. Power Factor 0.98 0.98
Max. Current Output (Iout) Depends on external MOSFET Depends on external MOSFET

Soft Start
Over Temperature Protection

Open Load Protection

Open Feedback Loop Protection

Soft Start
Over Temperature Protection

Open Load Protection

Open Feedback Loop Protection

Dimming N/A On/Off Dimming
Isolation Support Support
Package MSOP10 MSOP10
Status Mass Production Mass Production

Application Examples: LED bulb (E27 / GU10 / G24 / PAR) and LED tube light.


The SSD1072/1073 samples are now available. Please contact our local sales office listed on the Solomon Systech website at or email us at for more information.