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Solomon Systech Launches New Bistable Driver Controller

Integrated IC solutions accelerate electronic paper display applications

(Hong Kong – 17 Oct 2006) Solomon Systech Limited, a world leader in advanced display technology, announced today the newest member of its Bistable Driver Controller product family of ICs, in addition to the SSD1622 – the SSD1621. These two specialized Bistable Driver Controllers SSD1621/22, offering ultimate integrated solutions, made the novel bistable display technology become a reality. They can enable the commercialization of electronic paper display applications in mobile devices, watches, smart cards, electronic shelf labels, fashion accessories and more. They open up a whole new world of possibilities for end product applications. 


Bistable display is a non-traditional display method. It is a display device illuminated by reflecting ambient light using colored particles and fluids. The image is retained on the display even after the panel power supply has been removed. It offers paper-like readability, with features such as high contrast, a wide viewing angle, reflective, and readable under sunlight. It is ultra thin and lightweight. Some bistable displays can even be twisted out of shape. Moreover, the system power can be saved by bistability characteristics, since the image remains on display even without power.


The Bistable Driver Controllers SSD1621/22 drive 92-segment and 160-segment bistable displays, respectively, and can be cascaded to support higher resolutions. With built in DC-DC converters, the ICs are capable of boosting a low voltage supply to over 30V for driving panels. They also feature programmable driving waveforms to accommodate different requirements from various bistable display technologies, such as electrophoretic displays and cholesteric displays.



·        Direct drive IC designed for segment / icon type bistable displays

·          Highly integrated design with built-in DC-DC converter to supply high voltage to drive panels

·          Programmable driving waveform to match different display panel requirements 

·         Driver IC can be cascaded to support higher resolutions



Samples of both the SSD1621 and the SSD1622 are available now. Please visit, or contact our local sales office for more information.



Solomon Systech’s Bistable Driver applied to an e-paper display   Application example: e-paper watch