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Solomon Systech Launches New Bistable Display Drivers

Cascadable ICs offer simple, direct & low cost solution for different kinds of direct drive display

(Hong Kong – 28 Feb, 2011) Solomon Systech Limited, a world leader in bistable display driver technology, announced today two new members SSD1626 and SSD1629 to its Bistable Display Driver Controller product family. SSD1629 provides 32 segments outputs for direct drive display, while the SSD1626 is the companion chip of SSD1629 and it has 32 segments. One SSD1629 can cascade several SSD1626 drivers to support higher segment number display from basic 32 segments up to 320 segments output.

The SSD1629 is the single-chip integrated driver with controller. Its flexible waveform can be set to drive different displays, such as Cholesteric, Electrophoretic, and other new display technologies. To cope with different display driving voltage requirements, the built-in DC-DC converter can be set to boost the low voltage supply of 2.4V to a voltage range up to 30V.

Both SSD1626 and SSD1629 are designed in wide pad pitch bare die package for easy wire bonding; and therefore, keep the packaging and assembly cost at minimal.

With highly compact and competitive design, SSD1626 and SSD1629 enable the new display to be applied in applications such as signage, USB memory device, industrial equipment and health care products, mobile phone indicator display and more.

Feature Highlights:


  • Designed for different type of direct drive display technologies including cholesteric, electrophoretic and others
  • 31 Segments, 1 Background Segment and 1 Common outputs
  • Integrated design with built-in DC-DC converter to supply programmable voltage range up to 30V of high voltage to drive panels
  • Flexible driving waveforms for various display requirements
  • Built-in oscillator
  • SPI MCU interface for input data and commands
  • Available in 100µm pad pitch bare die package


  • 32 Segments
  • Interface with SSD1629 to support higher segment number display
  • Available in 100µm pad pitch bare die package


The SSD1626 and SSD1629 are in mass production. Please contact our local sales office listed on the Solomon Systech website at or email us at for more information.

Solomon Systech’s SSD1626/SSD1629 Driver applied to Electrophoretic display Application example:
Mobile phone indicator display

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