Press Release

Solomon Systech Launches New Bistable Display Driver with Flexible Driving Waveforms

World’s first single chip integrated IC for different new display technologies

(Hong Kong – 24 October 2007) Solomon Systech Limited, a world leader in bistable display driver technology, announced today a new member of its Bistable Display Driver Controller product family of ICs, the SSD1623. The SSD1623 is the world’s first commercialized single-chip integrated driver with controller, allowing the output waveform to be set to drive different displays such as cholesteric, electrophoretic and other new display technologies.

“Different bistable displays require different driving waveforms. There used to be different dedicated bistable drivers to support each kind of bistable display, but these had limited flexibility for both end product design and production,” said Mr. Raymond Wang, Business Operations Director of Solomon Systech. “The SSD1623 is the first of its kind to offer a single-chip solution that can drive different bistable displays. The same IC can now be used in different display platforms, allowing multiple end product designs with the same system support. The turnaround of new products like smart cards or memory cards will be fast,” continued Mr. Wang. Being the leader in the bistable display driver industry, Solomon Systech continues its effort in providing innovative and value added solutions to the market.

The SSD1623 Bistable Display Driver supports 96 segments and one common output for direct drive display. To cope with different display driving voltage requirements, the built-in DC-DC converter can be set to boost low voltage supply to a range of up to 38V. Flexible driving waveforms enable the SSD1623 to be adopted in various new display technologies. The driver is designed in a square-like die aspect ratio, which makes it is well suited for smart card applications, as it can withstand pressure when the card is bent.

With a highly compact and competitive design, the SSD1623 enables new displays to be applied in portable devices such as smart cards, memory cards, mobile phones, electronic shelf labels and more.

Feature Highlights:

  • Designed for different types of direct drive display technologies
  • 96 segments and one common output
  • Integrated design with built-in DC-DC converter to supply programmable range of up to 38V to drive panels
  • Flexible driving waveforms for various display requirements
  • Built-in oscillator
  • SPI MCU interface for input data and commands
  • Available in bare die, gold bump die and COF packages   
Solomon Systech’s SSD1623
bistable driver applied
to an electrophoretic display
SSD1623 has a square-like die
design for smart card
application to withstand
pressure from bending the card
Bistable display applied to credit
cards for online purchase security