Press Release

Solomon Systech Launches New Bistable Display Driver Controller

The world’s first single chip integrated IC solution for Cholesteric Display

(Hong Kong – May 22, 2007) Solomon Systech Limited, a world leader in bistable display driver technology, announced today a new member of its Bistable Display Driver Controller product family of ICs, the SSD1615. The SSD1615 is the world’s first single-chip integrated driver with controller to drive Cholesteric Display. This driver offers a highly compact and competitive solution to enable the Cholesteric Display to be applied in flash memory drives, handheld devices, electronic shelf labels and more.

The Cholesteric Display is a nontraditional display technology in which the image is retained on the display even after the panel power supply is removed. It offers paper-like readability, with features such as high contrast, a wide viewing angle, reflectivity and readability under sunlight. Moreover, its bistability characteristic saves on system power, since the image remains on the display even without power.

The Bistable Display Driver Controller SSD1615 supports a 132 segments x 64 commons bistable display. With a built-in DC-DC converter, the IC is capable of boosting a low voltage supply to 35V for driving panels. It features built-in panel driving waveforms to free the user from handling complicated waveforms. The driver has an internal temperature sensor and a programmable temperature compensation scheme to ensure that the panel is driven with optimal results.

Feature Highlights

  • Designed for passive matrix Cholesteric Display, with maximum resolution of 132×64
  • Highly integrated design with built-in DC-DC converter to supply up to 35V of high voltage to drive panels
  • Embedded driving waveforms for Cholesteric Display
  • On-chip, 132×64 bit graphic display RAM
  • Internal temperature sensor with programmable temperature compensation scheme
  • Programmable multiplex ratio
  • 8-bit 8080/6800 parallel / 3 & 4-wire SPI / I2C MCU interface
  • Available in COG and COF packages
Solomon Systech’s Bistable Driver
applied to Cholesteric display
Application example: USB thumb drive