Press Release

Solomon Systech Launches MIPI SSD2825

A Pioneering Solution Driving Ultra High Resolution Display Modules for Smartphones

(Hong Kong – 1 September, 2011) Solomon Systech Limited (“Solomon Systech”) today announced the launch of a new member to its MIPI series under the growing Display Interface Controller family – MIPI SSD2825. MIPI SSD2825 is an innovative and cost-effective MIPI Bridge Chip solution targeting high resolution smartphones. It can convert 24bit RGB interface into 4-lane MIPI-DSI interface to drive extremely high resolution display modules of up to 800 x 1366, while supporting AMOLED, a-si LCD or LTPS advanced panel technologies for smartphone applications.

4-lane MIPI-DSI Becoming Industry Standard

MIPI-DSI interface, given its competitive features of low EMI, high speed and low pin count connection against the traditional RGB interface, will soon become the mainstream of mobile interface. Currently, one of the most popular displays in the market is Retina Display with 640 x 960, which is engaged with 3-lane MIPI-DSI interface. As the maximum speed of each MIPI lane is below 500Mbps in general, 3-lane MIPI is only capable of driving typical 1.5Gbps, which is not enough to drive 800 x 1280 resolution with 24bit color depth in 60Hz. Solomon Systech’s SSD2825, however, can support 4 x 600Mbps to achieve 2.4Gbps, i.e. supporting 800 x 1280 resolution. 4-lane MIPI-DSI will play an important role in smartphone systems, which are becoming increasingly popular in the market. To support next generation displays with even higher resolution, modules adopting 4 lane MIPI-DSI will become the industry standard.

Allows High Flexibility in Compact Phone Design

MIPI SSD2825 offers high flexibility with two applications for selection:

1. Receive 24bit RGB interface and convert it into 4-lane MIPI Interface (600Mbps x 4) to drive 800 x 1280 high resolution display (Fig 1).

2. Convert the 24bit RGB interface into dual-lane MIPI for dual-WVGA screens (Fig.2), to support innovative phone systems with dual-WVGA screens to cater to fancy mobile application needs.

In addition, MIPI SSD2825 is in 4x4mm BGA package, which is perfect for mobile devices on either PCB or FPC. Solomon Systech has used an advanced technology to produce the MIPI SSD2825 BGA package which is less than 1mm thick, to ensure that it can best fit the requirements of compact smartphones nowadays. In order to speed up the design-in process, Solomon Systech provides IDHs and phone makers with excellent technical support and user-friendly SSD2825 development board.


Cost-effective & Power-saving Solution

MIPI SSD2825 is highly cost effective as it allows independent design houses (“IDHs”) and phone makers to re-use their existing platforms and traditional basebands/application processors and upgrade them to higher resolution platforms. SSD2825 can successfully match with standard multi processor mobile platforms*, in order to drive different technology display modules (LTPS / A-SI / AMOLED) of 640×960 and 720×1280 resolutions. Besides, the dynamic backlight control function in MIPI SSD2825 helps to reduce power consumption of the mobile system.

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Fig.3 Application example of SSD2825:

640×960 Display Module

SSD2825 MIPI Master Bridge Chip
Key Features Advantages
  • Convert RGB into MIPI 4-lane
  • High speed data transfer with low EMI
  • Dynamic Backlight Control
  • Power saving function
  • 4x4mm BGA Package
  • High flexibility in compact mobile designs

SSD2825 (MIPI 4-lane Tx) is the 2nd MIPI bridge chip following the earlier launch of SSD2805C (MIPI 2-lane Tx). Solomon Systech is highly focused on the development of high speed interface in MIPI for mobile applications. The MIPI series will continue to develop and expand.

“Our new product, MIPI SSD2825, given its many highly innovative features, has received very encouraging response from the market. Apart from this MIPI transmitter, we are also developing MIPI receivers and MIPI drivers with unique features. We aim to provide our customers with a total solution for mobile devices. With our growing number of MIPI products, we aim to partner with our customers to capitalize on the booming smartphone market,” said WM Lo, Vice President of Mobile Display Business, Solomon Systech Limited.


The SSD2825 samples and development boards are now available. Please contact our local sales office listed on the Solomon Systech website at or email us at for more information.