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Solomon Systech Launches 2 New Microdisplay Controller ICs

Bringing in latest technology for new display applications

(Hong Kong – 24 May, 2005) – Rising resolution and increasingly vibrant colors are among the growing requirements for portable displays. Offering a turnkey solution, Solomon Systech proudly presents two microdisplay controller ICs – SSD1502 and SSD1503 for microdisplays applications. Microdisplays, available in sizes from the average suit button to a grain of rice, break through the screen size limitation and offer substantial improvements in image resolution at far less battery power in portable applications. Besides normal head-mounted video display, the technology also enables viewing of 3-D images, exploring a new world of 3-D head-mounted applications.

Graphic Controller Chip – the mastermind behind microdisplays

The two microdisplay controller ICs – SSD1502 and SSD1503 integrate all necessary devices on-chip including programmable timing controllers, scalars, de-interlacing, color space conversion, video DAC, etc.  They provide seamless interface to video sources to Kopin VGA microdisplay, the same time, simplify the system structure and hardware design.

  • Bright, sharp virtual Image
  • 20 inch diagonal virtual screen with simple optics
  • NTSC/PAL video support with flexible video scaling scheme
  • Ultra compact size for mobile visual products available
  • Direct interface to digital video output and digital RGB output
  • Embedded video DAC output
  • Advanced system with 8-fold battery life extension
  • Superior color accuracy and video quality with programmable gamma setting
  • 3D stereo display support

End product applications

  • Personal display products head-mounted displays for portable DVD, gaming, digital broadcast TV, mobile phone accessory
  • Electronic viewfinders (EVF) for cameras, camcorders and other consumer electronics products


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