Press Release

Solomon Systech Introduces SSD6250

Enhancing its Strong Line-up of Touch Controller Solutions

(Hong Kong – 23 Nov, 2015) Solomon Systech Limited (“Solomon Systech”), a leading semiconductor company specializing in the design, development and sales of proprietary display IC products and system solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of a new member, SSD6250, to its strong line-up of “single-chip” capacitive touch controller solutions.


Solomon Systech offers a comprehensive array of touch controller solutions supporting Out-Cell, On-Cell and In-Cell touch technologies. Characterized by high cost-effectiveness, strong noise robustness and advanced touch features, SSD6250 supports Out-Cell touch technology. It has been incorporated in the latest high volume mass market tablets of an international brand upon its launch into the market. SSD6250 is characterized by a unique architecture which integrates four low cost key design components: touch sensor design, analogue design, digital design and software algorithm design, to ensure overall cost reduction.



Key Features
  • Support up to 10-finger multi-touch input
  • Support Full HD panels of up to 9.7”
  • Support various projected capacitive touch panels: GFF / OGS / GFM
  • Excellent touch linearity
  • Single layer multi-touch design ensuring excellent sensing performance for 5mm passive pen and floating ground application
  • Excellent waterproof capability
  • Low power consumption
  • Enable low cost touch panel module, ROM (non-Flash) design with 4kb RAM area for new touch sensor adaptation or new enhancements


 “SSD6250 is a very cost competitive, high performance solution tailored for mass market tablets. It has managed to secure major design-wins and achieve high volume sales for an international brand tablets within three month of product launch, and this is a strong proof of its excellent market potential,” said Kenny Cheung, Vice President, Business Operations, Solomon Systech Limited.


“Solomon Systech is highly committed to the development of touch technologies. In addition to Out-Cell touch solution like SSD6250, we also offer an array of solutions supporting new embedded touch technologies of On-Cell and In-Cell Touch. We are dedicated to providing total touch controller solutions to meet the various market needs,” added Mr. Cheung.



The SSD6250 samples are now available. Please contact our local sales office listed on the Solomon Systech website at or email to for more information.