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Solomon Systech Introduces New TFT Driver IC SSD2116

Fulfilling the latest Audio Visual market for TFT displays in landscape QVGA resolution

(Hong Kong – 7 Aug 2006) Solomon Systech Limited, a world leader in advanced display technology, announced today that it has successfully developed a highly integrated single chip driver, the SSD2116, for portable 262K color AV TFT displays in landscape QVGA resolution. Compared with the industry’s two-chip approach, the SSD2116 integrates source driver, gate driver and external power chip into a single chip solution. Combined with Solomon Systech’s proprietary Mini-RGB high-speed interface for power and EMI improvement, the SSD2116 is definitely a cutting edge device in the market.


The new SSD2116 is not only limited to cellular phone applications, but also aims to support the demanding portable Audio Visual market. Compared with the conventional TFT driver, the SSD2116 provides three sets of programmable Gamma curves to separately calibrate the Red, Green and Blue channels in the panel. With precisely calibrated RGB channels, the display panel can replicate complex color, such as human skin tone, that cannot be easily reproduced by an ordinary TFT driver.


Solomon Systech clearly sees the market trend for the AV TFT display. Panel makers opt for improvements in the panel’s viewing angle. The SSD2116 delivers higher liquid crystal driving voltage to align with the new generation wide view angle TFT technologies. This feature enables state-of-the-art panel makers to differentiate their products in the market.


To support larger display being squeezed in a handheld device of slim design, the dimension of SSD2116 has been tightened to a very high aspect ratio of 22 and therefore the contact ledge of the panel can be minimized. In addition, the SSD2116 adopts a super thin die design to synchronize with market requirement on panel thickness. Now, product designers can redefine their products with this extra advantage to get ready for the next wave of “slim”.

Because of these exceptional features, the SSD2116 is ready to serve the booming AV TFT market including Portable Media Players, car navigation systems and mobile devices with embedded browsers, DMB and email capabilities.


Samples of the SSD2116 are now available. For more information, please visit, or contact our local sales office.


Portable AV TFT display application example