Press Release

Solomon Systech In-Cell maXTouch® Solution Supports Huawei Honor V9

Enabling Unprecedented User Touch Experience

(Hong Kong – 16 March, 2017) The newly released Honor’s flagship – V9, boasts a perfect combination of next generation technology, sleek and innovative design, and also smooth and seamless connectivity. The advertising slogan, “I want to be faster”, indicates that “speed” is a selling point of the new smartphone. It aims to raise the bar on “speed” in the industry, and Solomon Systech’s advanced In-Cell maXTouch® touch controller IC has enabled the ultra-fast Report Rate of Huawei’s Honor V9.


Solomon Systech’s In-Cell maXTouch® touchscreen controller IC is a system solution which has super high SNR (Signal-to-noise Ratio), and it integrates patented sensor designs and innovative software algorithms to help Huawei realize this functionality. Apart from ultra-fast Report Rate, maXTouch® also features the following superior functions to enable unrivalled user touch experience:


  • Smart Grip Suppression: enables users to hold and scroll simultaneously even for very narrow borders and curved screens to distinguish finger, palm and thumb and avoid false touches.
  • Unmatched Touch Sensitivity: supports minimum 2.5mm touch size
  • Smart Scan: through innovative algorithm to enable collaboration with LCD driver IC and avoid mutual interference to achieve optimal display and touch performance
  • Multi-finger Glove, Moisture Tracking, Ultra-low Power Wake-up Gestures


“The adoption of our In-Cell maXTouch® solution by Honor V9 is a testament to the quality, performance and reliability of our product, and also the dedication of our engineering team to excellence and innovation. We look forward to collaborating with Huawei Honor to launch more new next generation smartphones,” said WM Lo, Vice President, Business Operations of Solomon Systech Limited.



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