Press Release

Solomon Systech Hosts USI Technical Working Group

Gathering 13 key industry players for the first time in Hong Kong

 (Hong Kong – 29 Jan 2018) Solomon Systech Limited (“Solomon Systech”) is pleased to have hosted the Technical Working Group workshop meeting of USI (Universal Stylus Initiative) in Hong Kong. This face-to-face meeting of USI, took place for the first time in Hong Kong from 12th to 13th December 2017, was attended by 13 companies with representatives from around the globe, including international brands like Google LLC, Intel Corporation, Lenovo, Sharp Corporation, etc.


The USI Stylus and Device Specification 1.0 (the Specification), which is the first industry standard and a non-proprietary, cross-device active stylus protocol launched in 2016, helps enable the OEM, IHV and software ecosystem to develop a new generation of active styluses that provide consumers a consistent, customizable and interoperable experience across make, model and form-factor. The Specification can be implemented on a wide range of touch-enabled devices, and enables new usages for active styluses, such as multiple styluses operating simultaneously on a single device.


At the workshop meeting, the USI Technical Working Group has completed the first errata document containing changes that apply to the Specification.  


Along with touch-enabled devices witnessing high growth, the scope of usage of active stylus devices has also gained momentum. USI technology will enable interoperable communication between an active stylus and touch-enabled devices, allowing consumers to seamlessly write or draw on different devices with one high-quality stylus. According to the Global Stylus Pen Market 2016-2020 report, a significant trend gaining prominence in this market is the extensive application of USI, which is fuelling the adoption of stylus pens. APAC is expected to be the fastest-growing region in the stylus pens market and is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 10% by 2020.


In recent years, the active pen industry landscape has changed dramatically. Companies actively working on active pens has increased from 60 companies in 2014 to over 120 companies in 2017*.


Richard Kerslake-Smith, Secretary of USI and Product Director of Solomon Systech (UK) Limited, said, “Solomon Systech has been highly committed to innovation and industry collaborations. We are pleased to have the opportunity to host this USI Technical Working Group workshop meeting. We shall continue to contribute to the success of this important industry protocol.” 


* 2017 Touch Display Research