Press Release

Solomon Systech gives corporate umbrellas to the underprivileged

(HONG KONG, 6 July 2020) Solomon Systech (International) Limited has donated 2 boxes of our corporate premiums containing a total number of 65 umbrellas to Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children (“HKSPC”) and Diana Boyd Wilson Centre under Hans Anderson Club (“HAC”) in July 2020.  Given the typhoon season is coming in Hong Kong, this initiative aims to help alleviate the financial burden of the underprivileged families and ride through the storms with them during this difficult period. All the goods given will be distributed to the underprivileged direct (not for sale) via the aforesaid organizations.

HKSPC has been committed to nurture children in their early childhood development since 1926. Being one of the most established organizations in the field, HKSPC currently operates 27 services units serving children aged 0 to 16 and their families, especially catering for the needs of working parents, single parents, low-income families, CSSA families, new arrival families and ethnic minority families. It serves around 3,000 children and their families on a daily basis.

About Diana Boyd Wilson Centre, HAC
Established in 1963, HAC has believed that stories have been a means to motivate children and equip them to have good moral value and the ability to learn. Books can inspire children, enhance their thinking and creativity.  Subvented by Social Welfare Department, Diana Boyd Wilson Centre was founded in 1985 serving the local community in Wong Tai Sin District. It provides services matching the needs of Wong Tai Sin district and promotes harmony in the community.