Press Release

Solomon Systech Garners Hong Kong ICT Gold Award

For World’s First 3D Dual-LCoS Mini Projector


(Hong Kong – 11 Apr, 2012) Solomon Systech Limited (“Solomon Systech”) is pleased to announce that the pioneering 3D dual-LCoS mini projector it jointly developed with The Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (“ASTRI”) has won the Gold Award under the Best Lifestyle (Green, Healthy and Creative Living) category of the prestigious Hong Kong ICT Awards.


Targeting the home entertainment, commercial and education markets, the award winning palm-size 3D dual-LCoS projector is the world’s first dual-LCoS 3D projector. In addition to its small size which greatly enhances portability, it is able to project 60”-100” display with very low power consumption of only 10W to 35W. It is also compatible with 2D mode. Its other competitive features include novel single lens, single light source with dual-panel optic design and unique dual panel electrical driving mechanism.


This mini projector is able to be connected to PC/notebook, smartphones, digital cameras and all kinds of devices with multiple interface ports such as VGA or HDMI for video input; SD or USB for file storage and WiFi for data transfer. With its user-friendly design, consumers are able to access the cloud server via Internet to download and directly project the content, including 3D ones, from YouTube or other search engines.  This mini projector is compatible with both shutter and polarized 3D modes.


This innovative product has adopted Solomon Systech’s new multimedia processor, SSD1938, of its MagusCoreTM family of SoC solutions designed for portable multimedia applications. SSD1938 offers superb performance with 800MHz core processing, full HD decode, high level of integration and ultra-low power consumption to support applications including 3D LCoS projectors, HD pocket-projectors, IP cameras, car surveillance systems, media boxes, mobile internet devices, personal navigation devices, smart medical devices, smartphones, smart remote control, etc.


“We are most honored to have received this prestigious award, which is a great recognition of our joint efforts with ASTRI.  We believe that this advanced 3D dual-LCoS projector would be able to capture the enormous growth potentials of the mini projector market, and cater to the burgeoning demands from the commercial, educational and home entertainment sectors.  We also aim to provide our customers with more and more innovative solutions which can be applied easily to make our daily life more eco-friendly, healthy and creative,” said Kenny Cheung, Vice President of Business Operations at Solomon Systech Limited.


The Hong Kong ICT Awards is an annual event supported by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, Hong Kong Productivity Council and Hong Kong Trade Development Council.  It is an internationally renowned award for the ICT industry. All winning technologies/products of this year’s competition will be displayed at the International ICT Expo 2012 to be held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 13 to 16 April 2012.


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