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Solomon Systech Expands OLED Products Portfolio

From dot matrix to character, total OLED solution provider

(Hong Kong – 17 May, 2011) Solomon Systech Limited, a world leader in passive matrix OLED (PMOLED) display driver technology, today announced the expansion of her PMOLED driver family from supporting dot matrix and icon to character display with SSD1311. The new member SSD1311 is the brand new PMOLED driver IC with built-in character ROMs and equipped with smart display enhancement scheme. With the excellent display performance and vivid color from OLED, this addresses a new era for character type display.

The PMOLED Display Driver Controller SSD1311 supports 1 to 4 lines with 20 characters in 5×8 or 6×8 dots character formats. Three built-in market standard character ROMs cover ASCII, English, European and Japanese characters. The I2C (up to 400kb/s), 4/8-bit parallel and serial interfaces supported by SSD1311 makes it perfect for industrial, power meter and white goods applications. Being pioneer in industry, the SSD1311 is further enhanced with Solomon Systech proprietary driving scheme, resulting in superior and extra-low power consumption.

“With the advance of OLED panel technology, most of the major panel makers from Taiwan and China are ready for new generation of PMOLED panel at a cost much competitive than mono STN,” said Mr. Raymond Wang, Vice President, Business Operations of Solomon Systech Limited. “With premium display quality from OLED, the compatibility of ROM and software in SSD1311 with standard mono STN display driver controllers in the market, OLED character display module designed with the SSD1311 will be a fast time-to-market solution and the best for mono STN direct replacement. The software development cycle can be dramatically shortened as previous ROM setting can be reused. Moreover, the end application printed circuit board (PCB) can also be reused with the pin-to-pin compatible OLED module. Solomon Systech Limited welcome for any custom ROM design to expand the coverage of SSD1311 in different applications as well as supporting different languages.”

Feature Highlights:

 Maximum Panel Resolution  1 to 4 lines with 20 characters
 5×8 or 6×8 dots character formats
 Segment Maximum Source Current  450uA
 Common Maximum Sink Current  45mA
 MCU Interface Voltage Supply (VDDIO)  2.4V-3.6V / 4.4V-5.5V
 Core VDD Power Supply (VDD)  2.4V-VDDIO
 High Voltage Supply (VCC)  8.0V-15.0V
 MCU Host Interface Supported  4/8-bit Parallel Interface, SPI, I2C
 Character Generator ROM (CGROM)  ASCII, English, European, Japanese


The SSD1311 samples are now available. Please contact our local sales office listed on the Solomon Systech website at or email us at for more information.

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