Press Release

Offline SCR dimmable LED driver IC SSD1075

Provide an offline and reliable LED lighting solution

(Hong Kong – 11 Aug, 2010) Solomon Systech today announced a new member SSD1075 to its Green Power IC Family.  The SSD1075 is an offline SCR dimmable and high efficiency LED driver controller IC.  The high voltage input range (450V) supports High Brightness (HB) LED lighting products (e.g. E27/E26 and GU10 light bulbs) for up to 25W LED output power. It is design for low BOM cost, low power consumption and low EMI.  It is optimized for high power factor, high efficiency and long-term reliability.  SSD1075 can withstand an input voltage surge of up to 700V.

Driving current to a LED string can be programmed to any value between zero and its maximum value by applying an external control voltage at the linear dimming control input of the SSD1075.   SSD1075 also integrates the protection circuit for over-temperature and under-voltage.

Advantages of SSD1075 LED Driver



Industrial Grade Input Voltage

Maximum 450 VDCin

High Efficiency

> 85%

High Power Factor

> 0.9


Proven EN55015 Pass

Low Heat

< 65 °C at Room Temperature

Protection of Over-temperature and Under-voltage


Low BOM Cost

Less Component Counts

Wide LED Power Range


General Applications

Light Bulbs: E27/ E26, GU10, PAR30/38 and etc.


The SSD1075 samples are now available. Please contact our local sales office listed on the Solomon Systech website at or email us at for more information. 

One of the SSD1075 applications is E27 light bulb.

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