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Next-Generation Ink Platform Denotes Solomon Systech’s Distinguished Display IC Solutions and Capabilities

Empowers E Ink Spectra™ 3100 to unleash vibrant colours with multiple cutting-edge features

(Hong Kong, 11 May 2021) Solomon Systech Limited (“Solomon Systech” or the “Company”, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Solomon Systech (International) Limited, HKSE: 2878) always aspires to provide the ultimate silicon solution for every display system to facilitate an enriched experience. Solomon Systech developed the Display IC Solutions for Spectra™ 3100, the next-generation ink platform specialised for Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) and retail signage application. The launch of the Spectra™ 3100 and its technological breakthrough further evidence the Company’s compelling and leading capabilities in Display IC Solutions.

Technology Innovation Offers Versatilities and Matches Retailers’ Needs

Launched by E Ink Holdings, Spectra™ 3100 is a major step forward in the technology that incorporates retailer’s requests for additional colour functionality. It signifies a significant breakthrough by combining four of the most commonly used colours in the retail industry: black, white, red and yellow, adding vibrant colour-rich content in ESL and a wide array of retail signage displays.

Spectra™ 3100 effectively facilitates and improves automation in retail stores and other occasions. It provides retailers with the benefits of system-wide pricing and labour-free updates, boosting staff’s productivity. The clear price messaging to customers empowers an enhanced shopping experience. As retail moves towards further automation nowadays, Spectra™ 3100 allows valuable communication between shoppers and in-store staff. The latter can now rearrange their time to engage with shoppers more readily and easily, allowing greater customer interaction to optimise service quality.

In addition, the expanded temperature range of Spectra™ 3100 affords various operation environments, including freezers and refrigerators. Thanks to the magnificent design and sophisticated Display IC Solutions powered by Solomon Systech, Spectra™ 3100 now incorporates more colours yet in the same power-saving display and has a lifetime of several years. Spectra™ 3100 can be handily deployed in all kinds of supermarkets, retail stores and outlets.

Spectra™ 3100 is also characterised by improved updated time, wide viewing angle for greater visibility across the store, and the capability of incorporating sparkling flashing mode when changing images. These unparalleled versatilities and other advantages offer abundant flexibilities and empower retailers in their marketing and promotion initiatives.

In the course of design and development, the Company’s R&D team has overcome challenges to manipulate multiple driving voltage. The successful launch of Spectra™ 3100 echoes our unwavering commitment to going the extra miles and our perseverance to achieve and excel.

Synergises Integrated Display Solution Capabilities

Ringo Lau, Product Marketing Director of Solomon Systech Limited, said, “We are excited to join hands with the world’s leading partners in stepping up and extending the application of novel display technology. In recent years, the retail industry is moving towards further automation, which asks for smart, streamlined and cost-effective store management solutions. ESL benefits retailers with system-wide pricing, reduced manpower, and clear price messaging to customers. The rich features orchestrate an enhanced shopping experience and have garnered increased popularity across various retail verticals worldwide.”

He continued: “The emergence of Spectra™ 3100 is the results of our synergised R&D expertise leveraging our potent capabilities in integrated display solution. It bespeaks our unrelenting aspiration in making novel ideas and technologies a reality.”

Spectra™ 3100, the next-generation ink platform specialised for Electronic Shelf Labels

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