Press Release

New Generation of CSTN LCD Driver – SSD1784

with upgraded functions in competition with TFT technology

(Hong Kong – 15 June, 2005) – With respect to the increasing demand on color mobile phone applications, Solomon Systech Limited announced today the launching of a new generation series of single chip CSTN LCD driver ICs. The first one in the series is SSD1784, which supports 132×160 resolution CSTN LCD. Maximum 65K color can be achieved with simple connection and MCU interface.

Solomon Systech had started to provide a full range of CSTN LCD driver ICs to the market since 2002. They were being well recognized by first tier LCD modules makers and world-class mobile phone makers. In order to improve the performance and price of CSTN LCD system in competition with TFT technology, Solomon Systech introduces a new generation series of CSTN LCD drivers that carry upgraded features such as dual OTP, 8 color mode and divider level accuracy improvement that provide further flexibility, power saving and crosstalk improvement in applications. The SSD1783, one of the most successful ICs of the company, has made significant contribution to the 132×160 CSTN driver market. Today, SSD1784 is an enhanced and shrink die version of SSD1783. It is also designed to have the core software compatible with our previous solutions for shorten new end products development time.

Enhancement on SSD1784

Not only that SSD1784 maintains good performance as the previous ICs, it contains many upgraded functions such as dual OTP, 8 color mode and divider level accuracy improvement.

  • The dual OTP function provides flexibility to LCM and ODM customers. Customers can have one more change for programming to avoid any mistake on Vlcd adjustment during the product process. Besides, the OTP structure is different from EEPROM that OTP structure is not UV sensitive and is more reliable.
  • Power saving is always the important criteria in mobile market. 8-color mode provides another effective power save function during the stand-by mode of the phone.
  • Furthermore, precise control on the divider level provides crosstalk improvement on the LCD for different mobile applications.

The new 65K CSTN LCD driver IC SSD1784 is one of the best ICs for mobile phone systems.

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