Press Release

New Generation of CSTN LCD Driver – SSD1776 & SSD1768

with enhanced features for colorful sub-display market

(Hong Kong – 23 Aug, 2005) – With respect to the increasing demand for color sub-display on mobile phone application, Solomon Systech Limited announced today launching of two new CSTN LCD driver ICs. They are SSD1776 and SSD1768, which support 98RGBx68 and 96RGBx96 resolution CSTN LCD respectively. Maximum 65K color can be achieved with simple connection and common MCU interface.


Sub-display market has been changing from monochrome to color STN since 2003. This year, there is a trend to upgrade the sub display color from 4K color to 65K color in order to enhance the sub-display image quality with camera preview function. Due to price advantage of CSTN technology over TFT technology in sub-display modules, a huge demand on 65K CSTN sub display is expected in 2006. Therefore, cost and functionality become the major criteria in the competition of the sub-display CSTN LCD controller driver market. SSD1776 and SSD1768 belong to the 2nd generation color sub-display series from Solomon Systech. They are not only design with small die size for competitive cost but also designed with built-in divider capacitor function to minimize external components required in LCD modules. These features allow compact design on sub-display modules at whatever compact phone systems.


In regards to the performance enhancement, SSD1776 and SD1768 have additional features including dual OTP, 8 color mode and divider level accuracy improvement that provide further flexibility, power saving and crosstalk improvement in applications.

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