Press Release

New Generation 262K wQVGA Single Chip TFT LCD Driver SSD2220

wQVGA – the Hottest Mobile Display Resolution in 2008 MTP, Separated RGB Gamma Correction and Charge Sharing – Unique Features Only Available in SSD2220 for High Performance Display

Coming Soon:

SSD2225 – A High Speed Interface Version of SSD2220

  • Additional Features:

    • Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) for high data rate transfer with low EMI and minimal pin count. Only four signal wires required. 
    • Dynamic Backlight Control (DBC) Solutions further power savings. The average power consumption savings will be over 50% for certain display pictures and video data.
  • Supports same wQVGA resolution TFT LCD display
  • Same pad coordinates designed to share same LCD panel for SSD2220

    • Save additional masking charge for new panel tooling
  • SSD2225 to be launched by December 2007

Availability of SSD2220

Samples of the SSD2220 are now available. For more information, please visit, or contact our local sales office.

SSD2220 TFT LCD Driver in COG package applied in a 240×432 wQVGA TFT module
Application example: Portable Multimedia Player (PMP)