Press Release

New Generation 262K QQVGA CSTN LCD Driver from Solomon Systech

for true color, high performance personal display

(Hong Kong – 24 Aug, 2006) – Upon continuous enhancement in driver IC technology, Solomon Systech is proud to launch today the new generation single chip CSTN LCD driver, SSD1793, for mobile display applications. This driver supports 132×160 (QQVGA) resolution CSTN LCD with extra low power consumption and 262K true color that reaches TFT color display performance.

The SSD1793 is an enhanced and shrunk version of the SSD1784 and SSD1783 driver ICs. It carries new and upgraded features such as multi-time programming (MTP) for voltage calibration, APT driving scheme for crosstalk and power consumption improvement, and true 262K RAM for colorful display. Its software is designed to be compatible with the previous solutions to shorten the new products’ development time.

The SSD1793 is the new generation CSTN LCD driver series. Solomon Systech will continue its effort in leading the market with the latest, enhanced features and provide competitive display ICs for superior displays.

New APT driving scheme in SSD1793 for performance upgrade

Power saving is always the important criteria in digital electronics. For conventional drivers of the SLA driving scheme, the major portion of power was consumed by segment voltage switching. The new APT driving scheme has smaller segment voltage amplitude compared to the conventional drivers. This makes the SSD1793 consume an average 20% less power.

Crosstalk caused by ITO resistance and stray capacitance between the adjacent ITO will also be reduced with lower segment voltage in the APT driving scheme.


Samples of the SSD1793 are now available. For more information, please visit, or contact our local sales office.


Figure 1: SSD1793 – the new Generation
CSTN LCD Driver (Gold bump dice on
tray for COG application is shown)
Figure 2: New CSTN LCD driver IC application examples