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MagusCoreTM solutions supporting pico-projector applications with high speed and a clear image, yet ultra-low power

Poised for huge market potential as consumers are willing to pay more for additional innovative technologies  

(Hong Kong – 26 April, 2010) Solomon Systech Limited, a pioneer in the area of display solutions, is proud to present its innovative MagusCoreTM solution for the latest pico-projector applications, where it is realizing an enormous potential in generating new market demand for both business and consumer-entertainment purposes.

Pico projector is a new emerging technology. It brings the conventional projector into high mobility pocket-sized handheld projector device. Users can enjoy comfort viewing or sharing of video and graphical content anytime anywhere. It is a response to the emergence of compact portable devices such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants, and digital cameras, which have sufficient storage capacity to handle presentation materials but little space to accommodate an attached display screen. Pico-projectors involve miniaturized hardware and system software that can project digital images or high-quality video onto any nearby viewing surface, such as a wall. The system comprises four main parts: the electronics, the light sources, the combiner optic, and the scanning mirrors.

Solomon Systech’s innovation comprises of (1) packing the entire system peripherals and multimedia engine into one very tiny chip, namely MagusCoreTM multimedia processor; (2) proven hardware and software reference solution design; and (3) total platform solution to enable production of a new design. Some important design characteristic of the pico-projector solution include the ability to project clear and bright multimedia content, high-speed processing of audio,  imaging and video with the shortest loading times, and low power consumption to extend battery life and minimize internal heat generation.

The MagusCoreTM total system solution for pico-projector reads and projects Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations as well as Word documents, Excel worksheets and Adobe pdf files for business purposes. The solution is also a portable, digital projection TV for entertainment purposes that conforms to different digital TV broadcasting standard in different countries. It is a portable multimedia player that can accommodate DVD resolution, multi-format audio and video playback. It is a digital photo album for photo browsing. It is also a personal navigation device that supports global positioning system (GPS). Data can be easily downloaded from computers to the device through a USB port or any wireless connection including 2G/3G, WiFi or Bluetooth.

“Our pico-projector solution has standalone processing capability that supports local processing of a wide range of media formats including video, audio, images, pdf files and office files, and it also has the ability to project from a PC,” said Kenny Cheung, Vice-President of Business Operations at Solomon Systech. “It addresses a new market which only started in 2008. Global pico-projector shipments are expected to reach 1.8 million units in 2010.”

In-Stat has forecasted that the pico-projector revenue will exceed US$1.1 billion by 2014 with mobile handheld devices and accessory projectors accounting for significant market shares.

Technological advances in miniaturization, signal processing, and light sources are making pico-projectors a realistic feature for small, battery-powered devices like cell phones, media players, computing devices, and other consumer electronics. “We plan to add full high-definition (“HD”) decoding capability, encoding capability of audio and video, projector-specific feature like vertical keystone correction, and the popular Android support for our future pico-projector projects,” Mr. Cheung continued. “The future for pico-projectors is guaranteed since there is evidence of consumers willing to pay more for cutting edge technologies.”

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