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MagusCore Exclusive Multimedia Solution for Android Applications

Enabling internet 3CC in mobile multimedia products

(Hong Kong – Sep 7, 2010) Solomon Systech proudly presents its highly integrated SoC and total system solutions for multimedia applications on Android platform. Solomon Systech’s MagusCoreTM multimedia processor SSD1936, designed for the internet 3CC (Converged Communication, Cloud Computing, Consumer Content), can enrich product features, reduce power consumption and overall system cost. The total system solutions, including the SoC, embedded software and firmware on Android platform, enable mobile internet device (‘MID”), eBook, pico-projector and HDTV with product differentiations and lead a new era for consumer electronics applications.


The SSD1936 has Dual Core architecture ARM at 528MHz and AV-DSP at 420MHz, providing a 60% increase in processing capability versus the earlier version of processors in the family, which boosts user experience for mobile internet application. The SSD1936 offers superior performance in multi-format audio and video content to its customers.


Flexible Platform for Mobile Internet Product Features

Rich on-chip connectivity modules in the SSD1936 allow product designers to design mobile internet products with Wi-Fi and 3.5G HSDPA functions. Coupled with these hardware features are the powerful and flexible open architecture Android software platform and integrated software that offers total solution of easy access to internet and A/V entertainment with the multiple standard AV-DSP codec.


Product designers can take advantage of the proven integrated software solution such as Internet Browsers and Office Document Viewers, which are already adopted in end products such as pico-projector and surveillance products through the SSD1936’s predecessor platform.


Highly Integrated Features

The highly integrated features on SSD1936 provide product designers a fast turn around design cycle while maintaining low BOM cost.


An on-chip high performance Audio Codec offers Stereo DAC at 100db SNR for high fidelity quality audio enjoyment. On-chip also includes an integrated Touch Panel Controller to support up to 7” WVGA display panel for superior user interface and a 2D graphic engine to provide significant user interface performance enhancement for higher resolution display systems.


The integrated TV encoder controller also enables Internet imaging and video sharing on a PAL/NTSC television simply via a direct CVBS interface.


Proven Mobile Digital TV Platform

The SSD1936 rides on the MagusCoreTM series’ proven solution for multi-standard Mobile Digital TV (“MDTV”) including CMMB / DVB-T standard for China and Europe market.  It offers both DVB Serial and Parallel interfaces to industry’s various Mobile TV front end chipsets make it a flexible platform.


Solomon Systech’s proven Conditional Access (CA) solution on its CMMB reference platform also provides rapid product introduction that matches requirements of content providers. 


The MagusCoreTM Series

The MagusCoreTM processor family is designed to meet the growing demand for portable devices that deliver high quality audio and video experience at affordable price. The devices support a wide range of popular video codecs such as H.264, MPEG4, WMV up to D1 resolution and even 720p for MPEG2 decoding. Ready for production schematic, layout and mechanical drawing will be provided to customers as a total solution to shorten the end product development cycle time.


The SSD1936 offers optimal multimedia performance with high level of integration for both ODMs and OEMs. Offered in a compact 15×15 TFBGA package at 0.8mm pitch, the SSD1936 is designed to enable the new generation of high performance mobile internet products with a cost-effective and fast time-to-market solution.




The SSD1936 sample and complete reference design is available now. Customers interested in ordering the SSD1936 please contact our local sales office listed on the Solomon Systech website at or email us at


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