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Humphrey Leung Wins the Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong 2001

An Honour for the Achievement and Commitment to Industry

Hong Kong, China — Nov 2, 2001 – The winners of this year Young Industrialist Awards of Hongkong (YIAH) is officially announced today at a ceremony. This is our honor that Mr. Humphrey Leung, President and Managing Director of Solomon Systech Limited, nominated by Mr. C.D. Tam, JP, Executive Vice President & President, Motorola Asia Pacific Region, wins this award. The award is officiated by Ms Sandra Lee, JP, Secretary for Economic Services of the HKSAR.

Now in its fourteenth year, the Young Industrialist Awards of Hongkong is organized annually by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries. Its aim is to honor outstanding industrialists for their achievements and commitment to manufacturing industry and to encourage them to further contribute their expertise to the territory economic development.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ms Sandra Lee, Chairman of the judging panel says, The award provides an opportunity to identify and give recognition to enterprising industrialists who excel in their fields. They must not only be able to demonstrate their contribution to their profession but also have a solid record of achievements.

Mr. Humphrey Leung wins the Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong 2001
Mr. Humphrey Lueng (Left), President and Managing Director of Solomon Systech Limited received the award from Ms. Sandra Lee (Right), Secretary for Economic Services of the HKSAR.

Mr. C.D. Tam, being the nominator, knew Mr. Humphrey Leung since Mr. Leung joined Motorola Semiconductors Asia Pacific Division in Hong Kong in 1984.  Mr. Humphrey Leung has been a long time contributor to the Hong Kong semiconductors industry, says Mr. Tam.  He has been an outstanding design and operations director in Motorola, a major multi-national high technology company. He has contributed to both technical and commercial success for the company. Recently he has been able to use his 22 years of IC industry experience to successfully create a local semiconductor company within a short period of time of 2 years.He fully demonstrates how a real entrepreneur uses his knowledge and experience, adopts the change of Hong Kong economy, and runs a highly technology driven and globally competitive business. Mr. Tam further comments, Humphrey can be a real successful role model for the Hong Kong industries in this new paradigm of economy.

Being the award winner, Mr. Humphrey Leung makes his remark at the ceremony, I would like to thank for the continuous support from my family, and the trust and encouragement from my colleagues in Solomon Systech Limited. Last but not least, I would like to thank Mr. CD Tam and Motorola for the guidance and the training I received from them during my career life. Mr. Tam has been my mentor and role model ever since I joined Motorola while Motorola was my career training school. All these provide me a very solid knowledge to run my existing business of Solomon Systech Limited in HK. Mr. Leung continues, it is the passion to work with persistent effort in managing and materializing the opportunities together with a lot of external support and luck that helps me to make my contribution significant to the industry. Nevertheless, I think there are still a lot of rooms of improvement for me in doing better and more to the industry in the future.

Mr. Humphrey Leung (Left) and his award nominator, Mr. CD Tam, JP (Right)

Comments from the Judging Panel

An excellent example of a technology spin-off entrepreneurial spirit good business acumen successfully targets the international market.

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