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Delivering Premium Image Quality with QQVGA Color OLED Driver from Solomon Systech

(Hong Kong – 05 March 2007) Solomon Systech Limited, a world leader in OLED display driver technology, is proud to present SSD1355, the Color OLED Driver with Integrated Controller delivering premium image quality. The SSD1355 supports up to QQVGA resolution and 262k true color and has intelligent display features for applications such as mobile phones, MP3 players, portable multimedia players and digital cameras.


Designed as a highly integrated device, the SSD1355 has necessary features such as an on-chip oscillator, an SRAM display buffer, standard MCU interfaces and a user-friendly command set. Moreover, SSD1355 is value-added, with intelligent and automatic image quality self-adjustment and flexible display performance enhancement. The built-in, one-time programming (OTP) for white balance calibration and three programmable Gamma LookUp tables for colors red, green and blue enable state-of-the-arts OLED display to reveal realistic image colors. The SSD1355 is further enhanced with the Solomon Systech proprietary driving scheme, resulting in superior and lower-power consumption.


An extremely compact die size and a superfine pitch feature in the SSD1355 allow for the manufacturing of highly competitive COF packages to fit all popular resolutions in the color OLED market such as 128RGBx160, 128RGBx128, 128RGBx96, 128RGBx64 and 96RGBx96.



Sample of SSD1355 is available now. Please visit or contact our local sales office for more information.



Figure 1: SSD1355 OLED Driver IC in COF package
Figure 2: OLED Driver application example     

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