Press Release

CSTN LCD Driver with 65K Color for Mobile Phone Sub-display Application

Supporting 104 x 80 display with integrated capacitors

(Hong Kong – 06 Oct, 2004) – With respect to the increasing demand on color mobile phone application, Solomon Systech Limited announced today another single chip CSTN LCD driver IC SSD1773 which supports 104×80 resolution with one icon line. Maximum 65K color can be achieved with simple connection and MCU interface.

SSD1773 is the new device from Solomon Systech Limited targets for flip phone with sub-display that is becoming the mainstream in the handset market. The IC is designed with built-in capacitor function that minimizes external components used in a LCD module. All the booster capacitors and divider capacitors are built-in SSD1773 so only two capacitors are needed externally.

This simple application allows compact design on sub-display modules in the flip phone system. Besides, SSD1773 has function of graphic engine that provides an easy way in handling simple graphics. This graphic engine commands include line drawing, rectangle drawing, window dimming, object clearing and copying. This graphic engine can also save the MCU process time and system power. The 65K CSTN LCD driver IC SSD1773 is one of the best choices for sub-display in an advanced flip phone system.

Compatibility with SSD1770

SSD1773 is an upgrade version of SSD1770 that supports 104×80 with 4K colors. SSD1773 is designed to be compatible with SSD1770. The compatibility covers not only the basic command set but also the pad coordinates. Therefore, SSD1770 can be replaced directly with SSD1773 in order to upgrade the color depth from 4K to 65K colors without the need of tooling up a new panel. This compatibility reduces significantly the tooling cost as well as the overall development time. SSD1773 will be one of the prefect solutions for your CSTN modules design in flip phone or middle grade bar phone systems.