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Area Color OLED Driver

Single Chip Mono/Area Color OLED Driver IC with Integrated Controller and built-in DC-DC voltage converter for Cellular Phone Application

 Solomon Systech Limited is launching a new OLED driver with controller IC SSD1303.  It is designed with 4 area color selection and built-in DC-DC voltage converter.  It can support up to 132×64 resolution OLED panel.  Driven by Solomon Systech Limited own-patented OLED proprietary driving scheme, the SSD1303 enhances the performance of OLED display and reduces system power consumption.  Therefore, it is a perfect solution for low power handheld cellular phone application with area color.


SSD1303 is a single-chip OLED driver with controller for monochrome or area color passive OLED/PLED panel.  There are up to four color selections available to define the driving current of the color in area color portion of the panel.   Furthermore, 64 steps brightness control of each color are provided to display the color more precisely.  This feature is useful, for example, in mobile phones that display icons are in different colors.  Internal DC-DC voltage converter is designed to supply high voltage for OLED output and it saves the number of external components Thus the solution makes the end application like cellular phone more compact and competitive.


SSD1303 offers a set of features like contrast setting, column and row re-map, programmable multiplex ratio and vertical scrolling which are manipulated through selectable MCU interface.


Sample is available now in gold bump die and TAB package.



SSD1303 Application on Area Color OLED Panel

Application Example





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