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96×64 65K Color OLED Driver

Single Chip 96×64 65K Color OLED Driver IC with Integrated Controller and built-in DC-DC voltage converter for Cellular Phone Application and other Mobile Applications

As Solomon Systech Limited continues its growth in IC development, we are proud to present a new OLED driver equipped with controller IC, SSD1332.  It not only has a built-in DC-DC voltage converter, a 16-steps master current control and a 256-steps contrast control for the three-color components, it also has embedded SRAM as a display buffer.  It supports up to 96 RGB x 64 x 16 bits resolution OLED panel, which provides 65K color to display.  Driven by Solomon Systech‘s own-patented OLED proprietary driving scheme, SSD1332 explodes the potential of the OLED technology and enhances the performance of OLED with relatively low system power consumption.  It is a perfect solution for low power mobile cellular phone and other handheld applications with color display.


SSD1332 is a single-chip OLED driver with built-in controller for color passive common cathode type OLED/PLED panel. 16-bits color depth presents the RGB colors more precisely. This feature is extremely useful, especially when applying it in mobile phones that display icons and pictures in various colors.  The internal DC-DC voltage converter supplies a high output voltage for driving the OLED panel and saves room from using numbers of external components at the same time. Besides the fact that SSD1332 provides a wide range of features, such as contrast setting, column and row re-mapping, programmable multiplex ratio and vertical scrolling, it integrates our awarding winning Graphic Acceleration engine on-chip. This allows the user to draw diagrams or pictures more easily through software commands. It provides functions such as, “line drawing”, “rectangle drawing”, “copy-&-paste” image, “dimming window” and “clearing window”, etc.


All the above functions are manipulated through selectable MCU interface. Thus, the solution makes the end application like cellular phone more compact and competitive. Sample is available now in COF package.



SSD1332U1 COF SSD1332 Application on 65K Color OLED Panel Application Example




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