Press Release

“2021 Star of Partners in Promoting Sustainable Co-Prosperity”

Awarded by E Ink to Solomon Systech and its Partners forJointly Creating the Sustainable Low-Carbon E-paper
Promoting Sustainability of ESG with Sustained Attention to Green Business

(Hong Kong, 11 January 2022) – The “Paper for the Future – Sustainable Co-Prosperity Summit (紙向未來-永續共榮峰會)” was held by E Ink Holdings, a global leader in electronic paper displays recently, partners were invited to discuss on the undertaking. Solomon Systech Limited (“Solomon Systech“, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Solomon Systech (International) Limited (Stock Code: 2878)), as a leading supplier of E Ink for display driver ICs, has earlier developed IC supporting 7 colors of E Ink Gallery Palette, a next-generation e-paper display panel, which adds more vibrant and rich colours to the electronic shelf labels and various retail-related signage displays. At the Summit, Solomon Systech was awarded the “2021 Star of Partners in Promoting Sustainable Co-Prosperity” by E Ink as a token of appreciation for its continued commitment to providing E Ink with quality low-carbon products and services.

In face of global climate change, E Ink pledged to achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2040. To achieve the goal of net zero carbon emissions, E Ink works with the “SDG 17 Global Partnership” of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It takes measures to address “SDG 13 Climate Change Policies” and “SDG 15 Terrestrial Ecology” and other sustainable goals to reduce carbon emissions. With characteristics of low-carbon emission and low power consumption, the electronic paper display jointly developed by Solomon Systech and E Ink is the best choice for color electronic shelf labels, while electronic shelf labels have the advantage of real-time dynamic updates of product prices and promotional offers. Therefore, if the retail industry chooses electronic shelf labels to replace single-use paper price tags in different scenarios, it will not only improve store operation efficiency, but also help customers to achieve their Net Zero Carbon Emissions goals with its zero power consumption characteristics. Based on the number of electronic shelf labels currently installed worldwide, electronic shelf labels can reduce equivalent CO2 emissions globally by more than 30,000 tonnes per year with a daily price update (based on calculation of 1 unit of 2.66-inch electronic shelf label to reduce 0.000073 equivalent tonnes of CO2 emissions). This shows that electronic paper displays embody sustainable values of energy saving and environmental protection, and the use of electronic shelf labels can better help to improve the environment and make it sustainable and green.

Mr. Kevin Wu, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of Solomon Systech, said, “As a key partner of E Ink and a leading supplier for ePaper display driver ICs, I believe that the award of ‘Star of Partners in Promoting Sustainable Co-Prosperity’ granted by E Ink to Solomon Systech represents a recognition of the quality of our products and services by our partners. We will continue to work with E Ink to develop more color ePaper products and applications to deepen our sustainable business performance, and promote the concept of green business to enhance green and low-carbon living to our customers and the community. In the future, Solomon Systech will also continue to uphold its philosophy and initial causes to actively promote the sustainability of ESG.”

“2021 Star of Partners in Promoting Sustainable Co-Prosperity”
Awarded by E Ink to Solomon Systech

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