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2D GIGA CSTN LCD Driver Controller for Mobile Application

The World’s 1st CSTN LCD Driver Controller IC with Graphics Accelerator and Built-in Cap Features for Color Cellular Phone Application

Solomon Systech Limited is launching the world first 2D GIGA (Graphic Imitation and Graphic Acceleration) CSTN LCD driver controller IC SSD1780 with graphics accelerator and built-in cap features, for up to 104×80 resolution color display cellular phones or other handheld applications.


Solomon Systech’s newest 2D GIGA CSTN LCD driver controller SSD1780 is a single chip liquid crystal display driver to support dot-matrix color STN LCD up to 104×80 resolution with 4K color.  With the unique built-in capacitor design, connection can be minimized to 8 pins only and it can be connected directly to a microprocessor bus. Plus the on-chip graphics accelerator, SSD1780 is the first in market to provide command type graphic manipulation on CSTN LCD driver controller IC.  Other basic features includes: 


  • High speed parallel and serial MPU interface
  • High voltage driving outputs for COM and SEG signal individual driving
  • Ultra low power consumption with programmable sleep mode and low voltage operation for power saving in end applications
  • Embedded 101088 bits display RAM for LCD frame refresh and graphic control flexibility
  • Built-in oscillator circuits, voltage booster, voltage divider and temperature compensation design

The single chip IC also has other valuable features like partial display mode, high accuracy contrast control, column and row remapping, and various kind of window scrolling instructions for easy operation of pop-up menu and dialog box.  


The Powerful Tool – Graphic Acceleration Engine (GAE)

The advance graphic acceleration features in the CSTN driver controller SSD1780 can now speed up the whole application system and avoid busy traffics on display content updating from the MPU.  Customer can use simple instructions provided in the driver IC to draw lines, rectangles, copy or move objects and even define pop-up windows for any phone operations such as game playing, phone setting or display emulation graphics.  All image rendering is implemented in the CSTN driver controller that can release the MPU’s computing power for other value-added features.  Without a tight limitation of mips power in the application system, there are certainly wider range of MPU for customers’ selection at a more efficient system cost.


SSD1780 is ideal for low power, compact cellular phones or other handheld applications.  It is also suitable for products upgrade from a mono or grayscale display to color.  Both gold bump die for COG (Chip-On-Glass) and COF (Chip-On-Film) package form will be offered.


Solomon Systech Limited has become one of the major display IC suppliers in the worldwide cellular phone market and continues to invest into R&D and new technologies.


SSD1780 in Chip-On-Film Product Demonstration with CSTN LCD Panel Product Applications


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