Press Release

Solomon Systech (International) Limited Announces the Adoption of Chinese Name of “晶門半導體有限公司” to Cope with Business Development

(HONG KONG, 19 January 2021) ─ Solomon Systech (International) Limited (the “Company’’; HKEX stock code: 2878) is pleased to announce that the adoption of Chinese name of “晶門半導體有限公司”as the dual foreign name of the Company became effective as of 7 December 2020, in line with its business development strategy.

The Chinese name of “晶門半導體有限公司” appropriately reflects its core businesses, including designing and selling proprietary Integrated Circuit products and system solutions, and highlights the Company’s leading position within the field of semiconductor. It also aligns the Company’s corporate image and identity with the Group’s businesses. The Company believes that the adoption of Chinese name will benefit the Company’s future business development and is in the best interest of the Company and its shareholders as a whole.

In addition, the Company adopted the Chinese stock short name of “晶門半導體” for trading its shares on the Stock Exchange effective from 9 a.m. on 20 January 2021. The Company’s English stock short name for trading in the shares and its stock code on the Stock Exchange will remain unchanged as “SOLOMON SYSTECH” and “2878”, respectively.